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I don’t seem to have a lot to say at the end of this busy week (I think all of my word energy must have gone into writing lists – hey, maybe that’s why I got out of the habit!) but as usual I have plenty to show.  Here are a couple of week’s worth of fall(ing) seeds: some in the forms of berries, pods, samaras, something that looks sort of dangerous, something that looks sort of like Phyllis Diller, and maybe even a drupe or two.  (What is the difference between berries and drupes, please?  Is it that all drupes are berries but not all berries are drupes?  I’m so easily confused…)

Hover over for captions and click on for magic picture enlarger.

Have a wonderful Columbus Day weekend – and let me know if you do any seed “shopping”!

3 thoughts on “Seed catalog

  1. My understanding is that berries like raspberries and blackberries aren’t really berries, but “aggregate fruit” or a bunch of little fruits with their own drupes inside. Real berries are things like blueberries, gooseberries, tomatoes, etc; they have lots of little seeds inside the papery or mushy outer part. I personally have a hard time understanding the drupe thing. I get that peaches and plums are drupes, even the aggregate drupe fruit thing–what I have a hard time understanding is how a coconut is a drupe.

    Hi Susan! I guess it sounds better to say raspberry rather than raspaggregate fruit… But confusing for those of us who want to call things by their right name. And then what about strawberries which are completely inside out? And I’m with you – it seems like a stretch to call a coconut a drupe. -kris

  2. I just like the word ‘drupe’. I am going out to attack some of these chores so thanks for writing the list so I don’t have to!

    Layanee, I like drupe too – it’s almost onomatopoetic – or am I thinking of droop? I actually tackled some of my list this weekend too – good thing I wrote it or I might have forgotten to have that cup of tea. -kris

  3. Wow – the garden looked so beautiful yesterday during my visit – I especially enjoyed the tall reaching flowers making their final statement for the season – reaching for the sun and light as it begins to shorten in duration. Your work in the garden is AMAZING. By chance did you find a pair of glasses with a neck strap? I lost them yesterday.

    Katherine, Thank you for bringing Lilah by yesterday (and thank you for Lilah, full stop)! I wish I could have put you both to work. The garden is a bit transformed now from what you saw. And we didn’t find any glasses – perhaps they’re in the same black hole my camera lens cap is in… I’ll keep looking and let you know! -kris

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