The right idea

Anyone out and about today in this part of the world knows it’s a glorious day (condolences for anyone stuck indoors). And anyone who’s out and about at Blithewold today knows this is absolutely the place to be. Here’s a taste for any of you who can’t be here and a pre-weekend update for all who are thinking of making the trip:

(As always, hover over images for the caption or click on them for a larger view)

Visitors from Jamestown walking through the Bosquet

The cherry in the Water Garden - ready to openPrunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’ - Higan cherry/Autumn blooming cherry in spring bloom in the Rose Garden

Winter Hazel - Corylopsis glabrescens ‘Longwood Chime’ in the Water Garden starting to bust out of bud

Visitors wading through a sea of daffs in the Bosquet

Daff cam 4-18-08

Have a fabulous spring weekend and hope to see you here!

6 thoughts on “The right idea

  1. If only working in my own garden weren’t so much fun this time of year, I really think a trip to visit Blithewold would be in order. In another week or so I won’t have much to do but wait for the seedlings to grow and the weather to warm enough for annuals, but this week, it’s all hands to battle stations! Your post definitely gives one something to aspire to.

    Heather, I know what you mean – I can hardly tear myself away from my own garden right now too. But if you’re done for now, come on by! The daffs are waiting and it’s going to be brilliant weather all week, I think. -kris

  2. Ho ho – it may be a glorious day for you, but here it’s been raining almost solidly for three weeks. Will it ever stop? I suspect we’ll pass straight from winter to mid-summer.

    I’m sorry to hear that, Sue! I hope your rain rain go(es) away this week! I’d hate to miss spring… -kris

  3. I am picturing myself strolling through those beautiful gardens towards the water where the wind is still whipping it up!

    It has been pretty windy lately, hasn’t it?! I hope positive visualization helps get you here soon! -kris

  4. I love that area of daffodils. Mine are now in flull bloom too. Spring has arrived in the North Country. Someday I may make it to Blithewold but until then I have your wonderful photos.

    Hooray for spring – glad you’ve got it too! And I’ll look forward to meeting you here someday! -kris

  5. Yowee. Looks fabulous! I wish I could be there to smell the fresh air. What a great place to work!

    Robin at Bumblebee

    It is fabulous, Robin! I wish you could be here too. Maybe someday soon? -kris

  6. Great pictures, and I really enjoy the blog. I think you might want to check the label on that Sarracenia, though – it’s definitely not “Tarnok”, the blooms of which are heavily doubled and very distinctive (I think the botanical term is “monstrose”. I can’t tell from the developing pitchers exactly which species or hybrid it might actually be. I grow most of the available varieties outside here in VA, and they’re loaded with buds right now.

    Jeff, Thank you for the correction! We bought it from Logee’s and the original label has gone missing… It’s also in a dish with at least one other so maybe at some point we did have ‘Tarnok’. I’ll change the label and do some research. I’ll be checking out your blog too – hope you post pics of your grove of pitchers! -kris ps I think I found it! I’m pretty sure it’s ‘Judith Hindle’. Thanks again for the heads-up.

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