September blooms

Goldenrod (Solidago) coming up through the Hop bush (Dodonea viscosa)It’s time once again for a blooming Blithewold inventory and a mid month visit to blooming gardens around the world.  Garden Bloggers Bloom day is still graciously hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens (Check out Carol’s Bloom Day post and scroll through the comments section to visit other gardens).  I took a look at my post from last year and of course I’m going to repeat myself.  It’s inevitable really:  Some things – like ragweed and my sneezes – are as reliable as Swiss clockwork.  And some things change.  Orb-web spiderI’m disappointed to be reminded that this is exactly when the monarchs were so abundant last year.  There aren’t nearly as many looping through the gardens right now.  But last year I didn’t see a single orb-web spider and this year I’ve been scared half to levitation by several.  The Moral of the Story?:  In any garden over the years there are new surprises and fresh photo opportunities (even when it’s of the same old favorites).

Here are some repeats, and some things that were most likely blooming this time last year but were upstaged by the butterflies, and as usual, at least one Bloom Day Worthy that is not a bloom at all:  (hover over for caption and click on for magical photo enhancement)

Jerusalem artichokes - Helianthus tuberosusBegonia grandisSeven-son flower (Heptacodium miconioides)

Tricyrtis hirta (Toad lily) just starting to openMexican Sour Gherkin - Cutest Cukes!Asclepias physocarpa ‘Oscar’ a.k.a. Gomphocarpus physocarpus ‘Hairy Balls’Cardinal Climber (Ipomoea x multifida)Morning Glory and Mina citronella (looking more like Mina lobata though…)

What’s new in your garden this year and what do you miss madly?

2 thoughts on “September blooms

  1. Thanks for showing us some Blithewold blooms, Kris. I’m seeing lots of bees, not so many butteflies, some hummingbirds and a few spiders around my garden, plus some praying mantis. The “new” in my garden is Colchicum. I’m not sure what I “miss madly” from last year, though there are a few blooms from last year that are gone this year, by my choice.

    Carol, I forgot to include Colchicum in my picture list! Those are such a fun surprise. I was thinking I really miss the butterflies but then I looked up yesterday afternoon and there they were! – Though definitely fewer than last year… -kris

  2. LOL – I’m almost choking over that Asclepias’s other name. There’s no way I could go into a nursery & ask for that with a straight face. (“Excuse me, but do you have …”) I know, I’m so immature. I like that Mina, what ever it’s name. It makes a great contrast to the stunning blue of the Morning Glory.

    Mr. McG’s D — I dare you!!! Our inner 7 year-olds think it’s a laugh riot – why do you think we ever bought seeds for that Asclepias in the first place? And Gail assured me that we did, in fact, plant Mina lobata ‘Citronella’. There must be a little variation in the seeds to account for the apricot blush – I remember it being all yellow in years past (because I didn’t ever love it like I do now)… -kris

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