Photo op Friday (last week of August)

It’s been a busy week of pretty light, projects and laughs – here’s a little review in pictures.

On Tuesday morning the last (?) Lotus bud opened up.

The last Lotus bloom?  (Nelumbo ‘Mrs. Perry D. Slocum’)

On Wednesday, the volunteers had an extra helper — Julie, our director of horticulture belongs to Tara, a Tibetan comedian diva who just says “poo” to the no-dogs-allowed-at-Blithewold rule. Dogs generally seem to have a different kind of (dis)respect for the gardens than we do… Dog loving readers, would you agree?Tara and the Astilbe

Because I liked how these pictures came out, here’s another daylily ‘Autumn Minaret’.

Hemerocallis ‘Autumn Minaret’

I was inspired by this blogger (thank you for the bakery treats, Layanee!) who was inspired by another to get down low in the garden. Here’s an on-my-knees shot of the arbor in the Idea Beds through the Agastache ‘Summer Breeze’.

Swiss Chard and Agastache ‘Summer Breeze’ in the Idea Beds

And finally, the week in review ends in the North Garden with Hydrangea ‘Limelight’ and the North Star wall.

Hydrangea ‘Lime Light’ and the North Star

Happy Labor Day! Until next Tuesday – Garden On!

4 thoughts on “Photo op Friday (last week of August)

  1. Kris, this specimen of Limelight seems to have quite white flowers–is that the case? Mine is really QUITE green, which is one reason I love it. I posted a photo of a flower head a couple of entries back, and if it’s sunny tomorrow–or at least not raining–I’ll take a shot of the whole shrub and post it for comparison.
    Hope you have a dazzlingly wonderful weekend!

  2. Kris: Loved my tour of your garden and the dog picture is pretty funny. My dog, Tucker, is pretty good about the garden although he doesn’t chase the deer! Good shots on the knees and you are welcome! Do you actually get an official coffee break? My hydrangea ‘Limelight’ is very green when it first comes out and it gradually fades to white. Still love it though. I like that new phrase, Garden on.

  3. What a cool daylily photograph. I love it. The pond looks pretty cool even without water. I Like Tara – she looks as if she belongs in the garden. And the Hydrangea is stunning…I can never get enough sightings of Hydrangeas. There aren’t that many growing in gardens here. My parents have two that did well this year, but I’ve yet to try one in my garden.

  4. Jodi, I remember your Limelight photo and wished I had caught ours at that point! Like Layanee’s, ours fade to a slightly greenish white.

    Layanee, It’s a good thing Tucker has other attributes or he might be out of a job! To answer your question, Gail and I have a tea break with the volunteers and my tum is now forever on a 10:30 AM-must-eat-something schedule!

    Kate, There are so many hydrangeas here I almost can’t imagine a place without pompoms! Do you think you’ll give one a try?

    Shirl, Thanks for visiting! I believe the bridge was built with the garden in the early 20th century (I’ll have to check my facts) and Fred and Dan have been making sure it lasts another century or two. I’ll take more pictures of their handiwork and if only it would rain for a few days, I’d take a fresh picture of a full pond!

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