Happy New Era

I never much liked the idea that the world might end today. It’s so much better that it’s simply the start of a whole new cycle. Just like every other day that rolls into another in a constant unending loop. But I’m all for acknowledging the passage of time every so often. In a way it makes sense here at Blithewold to mark the new year on January first like everyone else. Even though the grounds remain open, our season officially wraps up when the mansion closes for the winter. But as a gardener, I’m inclined to celebrate the new year on the Winter Solstice instead. The day the sun sets to climb a little higher the next. We might have a few long, quiet, cold months ahead before the sun breaks out over the bamboo and before we see much evidence of renewal but, like every other day of the year, there are signs pointing to the next.

Granted, right now it’s hard to tell if some of the signs I’m seeing are renewal or last gasps. Some are simply promises, like the cottony seeds of Anemone tomentosa ‘Robustissima’. I suspect that the Daphne transatlantica ‘Summer Ice’ just doesn’t know when to quit but doesn’t it masquerade beautifully as a sign of spring? And the Helleborus foetidus blooming out of sequence seems to be celebrating its new year a couple months early. Why not?

Are you celebrating the new year, a new cycle, and a new era today too?

2 thoughts on “Happy New Era

  1. My garden is sleeping under a snow blanket in temps in the teens. All I can do is look forward, so HNE it is. And to think, we’re marking another cycle in the Mayan calendar. If only anyone used the Mayan calendar.

    Cheers to a new Baktun! (maybe there’s a Mayan calendar app…) -kris

  2. The date on which I like to describe as when”the celestial wheels screech to a grinding halt ,and slowly go into reverse”,like a steam locomotive backing out of a snow-slide on the track , is actually my birthday! Winter solstice ,shortest day ,longest night, on our way toward spring, and all! ….Maybe that’s why I am an eternal optimist!….Still have reseeded alyssum in the garden path!

    Jean, I think that’s the best description of Winter Solstice I’ve ever heard. Happy un-birthday!! -kris

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