Fashionably late

The Cutting Garden 7-16-07I’m a day late for the Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day party! If you feel like a little web crawling, click on the link above to see what’s blooming (as of yesterday) all over the country and even out into the wide world. It’s amazing to see the summer progress at different speeds!

I went out into the garden this morning with a multi-blooms post in mind and was arrested by the Cutting Garden (not really – it wasn’t a cop issuing speed-walking tickets. — But can you imagine?! — What if the garden pulled you over and said “Ma’am, do you know you just passed that rose without smelling it? I’ll give you a written warning this time. Do that again though and I won’t be so generous …”). Anyway, here’s some of what I stopped for in the Cutting Garden this morning. Hover your pointerfinger over a picture to see the name and click-on for a slightly larger image.

Eustoma aka LisianthusRudbeckia ‘Prairie Sun’

Gomphrena ‘Woodcreek Red’ (Globe Amaranth)

Ammi majus (False Queen Anne’s Lace)

Here are a few choices from the Idea Beds: Eschscholzia californica ‘Apricot Flambeau’ (California Poppy)Stachytarpheta mutabilis (Porterweed)Phlox ‘Natural Feelings’ about to open!  (keep a lookout for this one - it’s weird)

In the Rose Garden: How many beetles does it take to eat a bud? Japanese beetles right before the lot of them went for a sudsy swim

Down by the water garden I spotted these bloomers and also noticed how our rainless days are affecting the pond. The pond 7-16-07I hope someone did a rain dance at Blithewold’s annual Hoe Down last night! The Hoe Down is more of a horseticultural event (there were pony rides) than horticultural or else I probably would have been there. Did anyone who’s reading this go and was it tons of family fun? Let us know!Cephalanthus occidentalis (Button Bush)Rhododendron viscosum (Swamp azalea)

3 thoughts on “Fashionably late

  1. I love that Rudbeckia ‘Prairie Sun’ and have added it to my list for next year. You asked on my blog how I got around to all the postings for bloom day? One at a time and a few at a time as they are posted. I also use Google Reader, so some that I track that way I visit even before they comment. Five minutes here, five minutes there, and I manage to get to most of them.

    The whole cutting garden is beautiful, and I can’t believe in mid-summer you have an azalea blooming? Interesting.

    Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. Can’t wait to see what you have blooming in August!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. Kris: Love the cutting garden. Can I have a lesson in fence building? I like that one behind the cutting garden! Also, I have that Phlox ‘Natural Feelings’ . Who do you think named that one, Barry Manilow? I laugh every time I think of that name! Also, did you start the Porter Weed from seed? It is very interesting.

  3. Thank you, Carol – you’re a wonderful bloom day host(ess)! The azalea is gorgeous – a mid-summer bloomer typically and smells so sweet!

    Layanee, I have Manilowphobia – I’m going to have to try very hard now to not be invaded by ear worms (oh mandy) whenever I look at the phlox! And we bought the Stachytarphetas as plants and have been keeping them going by taking cuttings. (I think it’s a zone 8 or so perennial). If you want one and can’t find it elsewhere (I think Avant Gardens in N. Dartmouth might carry it), you can start a wish-list with us…

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