Blooming birthday celebrations

The first cardoon flowerGail and I are both a year or so older this week and in honor of our birthdays and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (graciously hostessed by Carol at May Dreams Gardens) I went a little crazy with the camera. Here are at least as many Blithewold blooms as candles would fit on our cakes. (According to Lilah, I am turning 26 and Gail is 31. This, to be perfectly frank, is why we’re keeping her on the payroll. – Nevermind that she’s an awesome gardener.)


Hover over for names/captions and as always, please click on for a larger – and slightly magical view + caption.

Stokes aster (Stokesia laevis)Ruby Silk Love Grass (Eragrostis tef)Stachytarpheta urticifoliaHymenocallis festalisEryngiumSourwood - Oxydendrum arboreumHelenium ‘Moerheim Beauty’ and a dragonfly with cellophane wings…Phlox ‘Natural Feelings’ - my favorite of all the phloxHemerocallis ‘Not Forgotten’ - it’s much pinker than in this picture.Celosia ‘Cramer’s Lemon Lime’Nicotiana ‘Delaware Indian Sacred’Drumstick allium (Allium sphaerocephalon)Artichokes ready for picking!Balloon flower - Platycodon grandiflorus - again, bluer than this picture!Button bush - Cephalanthus occidentalisSaying goodbye to the sweet peas…Lavender - my all time favorite perennialGolden Rain Tree - Koelreutaria paniculataPorterweed - Stachytarpheta mutabilisClethraBasil ‘Queenette’Hydrangea hedge near the Summer HouseAllium ‘Pelham Hill’spun gold or Stipa?Not a bloom - a dragonfly on the pitcher plant!

6 thoughts on “Blooming birthday celebrations

  1. For a minute there I was wondering however did you know it is my birthday this week! Then I remembered it was the other Gail…the one who belongs there! I know almost a dozen July birthday babies…Happy Birthday July babies.

    The blooms are wonderful and the magic photo is terrific…let me see if I could possible tell you which is my favorite, hmm, even though it’s not a bloom I do like the Dragon Fly resting on the Pitcher Plant, a nice piece of jewelry…No I can’t choose they are all lovely!

    clay and limestone

    Thank you and Happy Birthday to you too, Gail!! (July babies are the best!) -kris

  2. Nice pictures and some unusual plants. Happy Birthday!!!

    Thanks, DF! I’m especially proud of the ones with critters… -kris

  3. Happy Birthdays and thanks for the glorious photos with names included–helpful to new gardeners like me (who has not yet put up photos of my July blooms, though they’re good ones!). I especially love the stipa grass with the eryngium behind, an interesting combination. Great work you guys!

    Thank you, Lynn! Including names with the photos helps me too (my memory has never been good and now that I’m “26” it’s terrible) – you should see me balancing the giant A-Z on my lap as I write… Can’t wait to see your July blooms – send a link when they’re up! -kris

  4. Happy Birthday! Things are looking good in the gardens. I’ve never seen that Ruby Silk Love Grass before. It’s terrific. Your photo of Clethra in bloom reminds me I should go check to see how mine is doing. I’ve got it at the back of the garden & it could be blooming for all I know.

    Thank you, MMD! The Love Grass is one of my faves although its tendency to flop puts it pretty low on others’ lists. I love bloom day for the reminders to check on forgotten plants, don’t you? -kris

  5. Happy Belated “26th” Kris!!! :)

    I love your bloom photos, especially the eryngium and the love grass. That nicotiana is so pretty, too… does it have a scent? Scent with these seems to be hit or miss, in my experience, but I love the stunted (relatively to other tobaccos) shape of those blossoms, and the limey color.

    Thanks, Kim! I haven’t noticed a scent on those nicotianas yet but I also haven’t stuck my nose in them (yet) and haven’t been here in the evening since they’ve started blooming. They are very sweet – scented or not! -kris

  6. Happy Birthday to both of you. It’s nice that Blithewold is so full of blooms for your birthdays. Guess what is blooming on my birthday in January?

    Someday, I’m going to visit Blithewold in person!

    Carol, Any blooms on your January birthday are all the more special. Can’t wait to meet you! -kris

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