3 thoughts on “4th of July sparklers

  1. I love all your sparklers-maybe because I have many if the same ones?! I’m particularly jealous of the caterpillar on your fennel, though. I’ve grown the same fennel for 6 or 7 years now, and have only seen the caterpillars ONCE!

    Kim, I hope you at least get a few of their butterflies! I usually see more of those in my own garden than I do their caterpillars… -kris

  2. Lovely display, Kristin; your column elevates the B’ton Times for me, for its imagination and impassioned prose.

    Happy Fourth,

    Peter O’Neill

    Peter, Thank you! -kris

  3. That’s a good way of celebrating the Independence day! Taking pictures of a garden with beautiful plants and of the Blithewold’s prettiest sparklers!

    Eric, I thought so too! -kris

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