Tucked under a blanket

Snow finally fell in measurable amounts (about 9″) over the weekend forcing us to take life a little more slowly. I think that’s what I love best about a snow days: permission to slow down and tuck in. Luckily I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be as the snow fell and I hope you didn’t either.

I was really starting to feel the need for a break even if it’s mostly psychological. A blank canvas can be paralyzing but I wonder if that’s just our brain’s way of slowing down to clear its slate too. As much as I don’t love the feeling when I’m staring dumbly at an empty page, I think I have come to rely on looking out at a blanketed garden over the winter in order to reboot my garden mind and fill it up with fresh ideas.

Even though our roads are clear and everyone has picked up the pace again, this morning I cashed in on the novelty of the snow – and its abbreviated lifespan (melting already with rain on the way) and spent some time staring at it’s blanking blanket – and noticing how the canvas is framed.

Has your garden been tucked under a blanket yet? How about you? Does snow cover help you mentally make a fresh start?

3 thoughts on “Tucked under a blanket

  1. We too finally got snow! Not 9″, though. I wish. Some snow cover is better than no snow cover.

    Susan, you’re right about that. Ours was completely gone two days later. -kris

  2. The blanket has been thrown off rather quickly with just patches of snow left leaving the garden looking bedraggled. It is too soon to think spring though. I know there will be more snow. It is inevitable.

    Layanee, I’m sure you’re right. But what a tease. -kris

  3. Love that last photo! Yep, like Layanee said, somebody yanked the blanket, although I should say here we only got a couple of inches, and it ended up looking more like a gorgeous, dewy, after-the-rain spring day after the melt. We have a new dusting this morning.

    Thanks, Andrew! You’re right about that spring-like day. So weird. And wouldn’t you know I’d be spending a day like that inside a climate-controlled conference center. Bummer. -kris

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