True love

Cupid’s dart hit a bull’s-eye this morning. Another snowfall – a sugar dusting this time – helped me realize something that I’ve known all along without knowing it. I am capable of becoming every bit as attached to places as I am to people. It’s so obvious: I am in love. Blithewold, will you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


3 thoughts on “True love

  1. Just lovely….a timeless Valentine.

    Ginny, big hearts and flowers to you today and everyday! -kris

  2. Beautiful, wintry confection, Kristin. I have to grade 360 pages of research essays this weekend; I may have to glance at these photos for momentary pleasure. Thanks.

    Wow, Peter – You might need more than pictures to get through a weekend like that – but I’m glad you think these’ll help! -kris

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