Preparing to make the move

Nopalxochia ackermanii (orchid cactus) and other container plants arborsideAlthough there’s no threat of frost in this week’s hot and muggy forecast, this is our traditional time to start bringing Container Bed plants back into the greenhouse. Because we have so many tender plants it’s better for us to have to do a little extra watering once they’re inside than be caught in a frost warning gotta-get-them-in-right-now!-panic. As anyone who’s ever moved knows, it’s good (cathartic even?) to throw unwanted, useless things away first to make the load feel a little lighter. The Container Bed 10-07So we’re culling the herd. It’s tougher to throw out living breathing plants than pants you haven’t worn since 1983 though. There’s always the temptation to save them – maybe this year it’ll be beautiful!… Maybe this year it won’t be infested with mealybug!… Maybe this year pinstriped pegged jeans will be back in style…

Our first casualties were the Agapanthus. They were gorgeous once upon a time and we’ve been holding on to them as they’ve gotten more and more pot bound and more and more infested. It’s time to let go. So we asked Nick to do it. Nick The Willing (I think that’s his Viking name), one of the Deadheads, says “Sure! I can do that!” every time we ask him to do some hideous thing. In order to not throw the baby out with the bath water (ie. save the pots), he carved away the poor old roots and took a saw to the pot sides. Now what will we get to fill the empty pots? Goodbye Agapanthus

Fred spotted somebody else making a move this week. Never-ever, not ever have I ever seen a slug this big outside of a Pacific Northwest rainforest! I’m not sure where he’s been this dry summer or where he was headed but Gail couldn’t help herself and took him home so that her 8 year old could impress the heck out of his classmates. I wonder if they’ve named him yet … He looked like a Jerome to me…Leopard slug on the move

And froggy went a courtin’. The Rockettes found this one in the Rock Garden. The pond has dried up again but looks like a Nepeta nest makes a next best second home.Frog combo in the Rock Garden

Anyone else making a move?

5 thoughts on “Preparing to make the move

  1. I have a few plants to move inside, but it still so warm out that I tell myself, “it won’t take long to do, there is plenty of time.” I’ll probably be out in the dark doing the container-move-dance some cold evening!

    (And that is a big ugly slug, one that an 8 year old boy would probably love!)

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. Kris: I will be one of the frenzied trying to move too many houseplants in with no place to put them! Thanks for the reminder and I can’t get rid of the agapanthus just yet even though it hasn’t bloomed in months! I keep thinking that one day, I will have a greenhouse for plants and it will be gorgeous and happy there!

  3. Carol, Sometimes it seems much better to put off to tomorrow anything you don’t feel like doing today! According to Gail the slug was beloved by (almost) all the kids in her son’s class. His name is Leopardie and he has be released back to the wild of the bosquet.

    Layanee, Hold onto that agapanthus because you never know! (Just watch out for the mealybug!)

  4. I brought in my Phormiums already, but have to repot the Cape Fuchsia, an ivy geranium, and my silver sand plant (Calocephalus), plus take cuttings from a few annuals that I really like and hope to overwinter. I’m with you on having a hard time letting go of living plants, but there IS a cull about to happen with some of my usual indoor plants…I’ll be firm…and brave. :-)

  5. Jodi, How did it go? Were you hard hearted or a soft touch in the end? (we usually breakdown and keep too much – and sometimes Gail and I bring the most heartbreaking home to already overcrowded orphanages)

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