Perfect start

I wonder if everyone had as glorious a Memorial Day weekend as we had here in sunny RI? Every nursery and garden center I passed by seemed packed with color – both human and floral. Local nurseries have a lot to contend with – sales are fair-weather driven/dependant and competition is fierce. I was happy to see that gardeners were shoppers this weekend and even I succumbed to a busman’s holiday – I was lured into one of my favorite nurseries and totally taken by the most abundant fuchsia on the planet!

I couldn’t stay away from Blithewold this weekend either – look what’s blooming now! The Tamarix went from this to this over the weekend. Tamarix ramosissima 5-29-07Tamarix ramosissima 5-29-07Julie (the Director of Horticulture) told me this morning that she’s never seen it so floriferous and she also told me that it was Bessie’s favorite shrub and she also had planted them down by the water. (Bessie Van Wickle McKee was Blithewold’s founding mother)

The North Garden is beginning to burst – the Lady’s Mantle is showing signs of frothAlchemilla mollis (Lady’s mantle)

and the perennial bachelor buttons are bluer than blue. Centaurea montana (Perennial bachelor button)

Clematis integrifolia is just getting going too – this one doesn’t climb but if we don’t hoop it, it flops right over.Clematis integrifolia budClematis integrifolia

Clematis is getting going all over elsewhere too! – here is ‘Guernsey Cream’ by the MoongateClematis ‘Guernsey Cream’

and old favorite, ‘Nellie Moser’ hanging by the Visitor’s Center.Clematis ‘Nellie Moser’

3 thoughts on “Perfect start

  1. Kris: Lovely pics as usual. Can you share with me what your favorite garden center is? I won’t tell and you can email if you wish! I love them all!

  2. We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend in central Indiana because we finally got some much needed rain. I love those clematis flowers. I have a C. integrifolia, ‘Alba’ and I also have to provide support for it.

  3. Layanee, I have so many favorite nurseries!! One of these days I want to add them to my sidebar – but meanwhile check out this list of the ones that offer discounts for Blithewold’s members — consider joining up!! This weekend the sirens called to me from Island Garden Shop in Portsmouth…

    and Carol, it must have rained on the parade! – I wonder if anyone but us gardeners would think that was a good thing!!

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