Only 6 more weeks

Front lawn layersI have always loved Groundhog’s Day (the actual day more than the movie) because, whether Phil sees his shadow (he did this morning) or not, it signifies to me that spring is on its way – a mere 6 weeks away!  I have to admit though that in the last few years I’ve become a little ambivalent about that.  There’s a really big part of me that is looking so forward to spring – I even plan on celebrating later today by cutting branches to force.  But there’s this other little part of me that loves winter more than I used to because of the chance it gives me to slow down, bundle up, contemplate and recharge.  The temperatures in the last couple of days have soared nearly into sweater weather, the birds have started singing in earnest and the vents have been opening in the greenhouse – all signs that point to a change in seasons.  Those signs along with my favorite holiday are now reminders to me to savor what’s left of winter.  With more snow in the forecast for tomorrow, I expect I’ll get that chance…

Meanwhile, warm air brought a snowy fog and the most dramatic light show I have seen here yet.  In my pious youth I probably would have called the beams “the hand of God”.

Click on pictures for a larger view (Hooray – lightbox is working again! – chalk up the lapse in functionality to operator error.)

Maple lightGiant Sequoia backlitThe Great LawnThe mansion emergesCrabapples in the spot lightChamaecyparis backlit

How are you celebrating this High Holy Holiday?  Are you ready for spring already?

7 thoughts on “Only 6 more weeks

  1. Just lovely Kris! I refuse to wait 6 weeks and even though we can have frost until the 15th of April! Spring should begin to begin in a few weeks. If only this weather were normal…we might be seeing a few crocus here and there! Again, fantastic photos! Gail

    Gail, You’re already way ahead of us down there! Our witch hazels are only just starting to peek out – yours are probably done by now! I don’t think you’ll have as long to wait. -kris

  2. Hi – am new to your site and just love all the comments. On GroundHog day we know that Winter is only six weeks ago – enjoy all the skiing and get ready for Spring. Read your comment about only one plant per container – seems a little austere for me, we just love the combinations and how the look changes over the season.

    Planterlady, I know – it’s always at the end of a season that we have to hurry up and make the most of it! (and I think one plant per container is sooo much easier on the plants and we waterers – plus then there’s the fun of moving them all around to make new combinations.) -kris

  3. I feel the same way! Six weeks: Pshaw, that’s nothing! And I admit to liking to hold onto winter for a little while longer. This one has been beautiful. Love your photographs, too!

    Thanks, Jared! – And I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s still kind of enjoying this season. (Perhaps it has something to do with dogs and snow…) -kris

  4. Kris–your photographs are beautiful. We had that kind of weather this morning, but I was buzzing in to work and did not get a chance to stop and photograph, to my real regret. As big a baby as I’ve been about the cold, it will certainly be a shift into high gear soon. A good reminder to prepare physically and mentally. But it really cannot come too soon for me. Thanks for a lovely post.

    Lynn, It was the prettiest morning… But at least you didn’t sleep through it! I’m re-thinking my “hold on to winter” sentiment today… A little spring would be nice about now. -kris

  5. Your tree photos are beautiful!! The bare branches with the sun gleaming behind them… makes me appreciate this whole winter business a little more. : )

    Thanks, Liisa! I’m having a little more trouble appreciating winter today … I think it’s about 10 with a negative wind chill at the moment. Probably colder in Vermont! -kris

  6. Hi – will be trying the one plant one container method this year – just to see how it works. However, we have developed a Self Watering Container Kit for those of us who like to go away for a few days and not have to rely on someone else to water those pots. Just go to our site and see for yourself – not sophisticated but it does the trick.

    Thanks for the tip! – kris

  7. Ohhhhhh! These photos are dreamy, Kris. How did you capture these images?

    Thanks, Tracey! There was no camera trickery – just a most beautiful morning and fingers crossed. (I think I used the aperture priority setting, f5.0, ISO 400 if my memory is correct) -kris

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