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This past week everyone on the staff has had a certain look on their face – a focused, single-minded and frenzied sort of glaze – because Blithewold’s Annual Meeting is tonight. And everything must. be. perfect! Ready for the Annual Meeting 6-12-07Reports were written and rewritten, speeches have been practiced (“I want to thank the Academy…”), smart looking outfits have been pressed and set aside, and all the gardens have been gone over with a fine toothed weeder and each open flower was inspected for beauty and eligibility. Yesterday the Deadheads poured over the whole Display Garden – and weeded out the last and toughest bed. I would have loved to take a picture when they were all bent over under the smoke bush looking like so many of that funny cutout lawn ornament. But to publish such a picture would have been unkind of me! (You have to know, it’s the hardest thing to take a picture of the volunteers working and NOT shoot that pose!) Today the Rockettes attended to four gardens giving the whole place a last minute spruce and I think we can safely say we’re ready. Now if only it was a little less bitter cold! (I’m going to have to run home for mittens and a knit cap).

Chilly temps might keep our members from wandering all the way over to the Display Garden this evening, Campanula ‘Kent Belle’but if they do come by they might notice this lovely lady blooming right now. (I couldn’t wait for Gardener’s Bloom Day to show this one!…) It’s Campanula ‘Kent Belle’. This is a blooming beauy too of a different sort altogether – wee gardener-to-be.  Start ‘em young!Check out the shoes!!.

Newsflash – This just in!: Layanee stopped by! I feel like I have arrived. And it was oddly reassuring to meet a fellow blogger in person – we’re really real people hanging out in this virtual world!  I can’t wait to see your pictures, Layanee!

3 thoughts on “Getting spiffed

  1. Kris: What a treat it was to actually meet you! I had no doubt you were a ‘real’ person as your posts are down to earth…literally. I enjoyed the tour and noticed that your Styrax is blooming heavily but only on one side! What do you make of that? Wind damage? Curious. Tomorrow I am so going to enjoy my walk in my own bousquet! :) I did run into Fred at the entrance and it was nice to catch up with him.

  2. I am so thinking of touring b-wold sometime soon. Things are looking great in the photos, and from what I can remember from the las tour, I need to get back and sit under the bamboo for a while.

  3. Layanee, I’m still in full grin over finally meeting you! Good question about the Styrax – I’d call it an “excellent question” if I had the answer! I must have been too focused on looking up their skirts to notice the lopsidedness and now that I’ve checked it out, you’ve got me! It IS bloomless on the windward side… I’ll ask Fred…

    For any of you who haven’t already seen Layanees blog, click on her name! In addition to seeing beautiful shots of Blithewold on her most recent post, if you scroll down, you’ll see gorgeous pics of her own garden (it’s nearly the size of Blithewold and she doesn’t have volunteer help!)

    and Brendan, I was thinking that the pictures of baby bamboos would be temptation for another visit — some of the culms are taller than you now – better come by soon!

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