shore foggy!It was blissfully peasoupy this morning – a sauna bath still but a welcome relief to the scorching asphyxia of the last couple of days. Cotinus coggygria decorated by fogI love the sounds of fog – amplified birds, dripping tree percussion and fogbound ship’s blasts and foghorn echoes. The siren songs lured me on a long early ramble past dewy smokey smoke bush web of diamonds hung on Phloxand a diamond encrusted spiderweb, down to the shoreline. The buildings and grounds committee met Monday night and among other necessary projects shelved for lack of funds, the salt water pumphouse and dock restoration was discussed. The salt water pumphouse was used to send baywater to bathtubs in the house equipped with a third faucet — can you imagine?!! Of course, these days the bay is slightly less pristine than it was a century ago and bathing in it holds less actual appeal… Nonetheless a rescue is necessary because the historic water’s edge building is being undermined and is in danger of falling to the beach in a heap. The saltwater pumphouseLet’s hope that doesn’t happen before the funds to fix it are procured! (Anyone interested in donating money to the capital campaign please click here. Another project needing fundage is a new roof for the mansion to the tune of a cool mil. Those amazing 3rd floor archives need protection from the elements!)Blithewold by fog

As I write this it’s vacillating between stinking hot blazing sun and windy fog. The North Garden Soiree (sold out!) is tonight and we’ve been madly dashing around making sure every bloom is looking-alive and crossing our fingers that the thunderstorm in the forecast holds off (at least until much later tonight – we need the rain!). I’ll update you on the event’s sure success tomorrow or the next day! Anyone else out there feeling conflicted about wanting a big rain?

5 thoughts on “Fogbound

  1. Kris: Do they let you attend the soiree? Just wondering if you are able to mingle with the masses. It would be fun to be anonymous and listen to the garden praise! Love that smokebush. Let me know when the cuttings are ready!

  2. Layanee, my attendance was mandatory and mingling was encouraged! I was there to answer questions about the garden. I was only wearing a name-tag to identify myself (rather than a sandwich board) so I was able to wander semi-discreetly and overhear appreciative comments while still being an obvious staff member… I’ll post pictures, etc of the evening later today or (more likely) tomorrow! As for the smokebush… it’s being moved to its new bed this fall and if there are any layered cuttings unspoken for, I’ll let you know!

  3. I enjoyed your blog. That sure sounds like an expensive roof. I had never heard of your garden but I am going to try and visit this season.

  4. Thank you, DF! I hope to see you here soon – make sure to introduce yourself! (and yes the roof is a pricey one! – it’s slate …)

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