If you’ve been by in the last couple of days you may have noticed that the usually colorful blog has become a somewhat starker landscape (where did all the pictures go?!) that is not unlike my actual view out the potting shed window at the moment.  While the blank blog is experiencing technical difficulties (help is on the way!), Blithewold is resting under a blanket of snow.  Here are a few gray and white snow day pictures from my walks around the property yesterday that will have to tide us over until all the other colors on the property (and the blog) come back.  Please stand by!

The entrance gateGreat Lawn red maplewater-garden-1-19-09pumphouse-1-19-09Bosquet entranceThe SummerhouseEnclosed GardenCamperdown Elm

5 thoughts on “Blank(et)

  1. Kris .. these photos are absolutely perfect winter ones. That tree is amazing !!
    I would love to see that area, in person : )

    Joy, I hope to see you here some day! (Try as I might, pictures don’t do it justice.) -kris

  2. Beautiful images, Kris. We’ve been having warm, sunny days, and I’ve been loving them. But every now and then a snowy blanket for a day or two would be welcome if it looked as pretty as yours.

    Pam, Right about now, I’d be happy to trade you for some warmth! But I do love a freshly fallen snow… kris

  3. Wonderful images proving that Blithewold is for all seasons. Maybe winter is the most captivating. Thank you, Kris.

    Ginny, I still can’t answer the question ‘what’s the best season for visiting Blithewold’ – to me they’re all perfection! -kris

  4. Hi Kris! So happy to have you visit me . . . I hope to get up to Blithewold someday. Can’t believe you get to *work* there. Fantastic and so magical!!

    Tracey, I hope to see you – and your Mom – here soon! -kris

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