Autumn’s edge

I have been focusing so intently on the gardens lately (I’ll post about why next week) that I think I might have been in danger of forgetting to get excited about fall color. But over the last few days the sun’s spotlight illuminated autumn’s very edges and gave me the reminder I needed to look up and out again. I’ve heard that the stars have aligned to give us a spectacular fall – we’ve had just the right amount of sun and rain over the summer and perfect temperatures now; no Hurricane Irene to brown the leaves prematurely like last year, and, knock wood, there aren’t any October snowstorms in the forecast. Whatever happens in the coming weeks, autumn already looks spectacular here. So bright and pretty that it’s hard for me to imagine that it will peak later. Maybe we’ll have a more gradual plateau of sustained gorgeousness…

Is fall shaping up to be a beauty in your garden too? – Are you remembering to look up?

3 thoughts on “Autumn’s edge

  1. Some plants are coloring up better than others. The glistening gold fall foliage of Amsonia hubrictii stopped me in my tacks yesterday. I had to stop what i was doing and run for the camera. It always looks good, but right now is when it outshines everything else. By the way, I love the image of the gold inlaid well cover with the Cornus(?) in the distance. Rich!

    Kathy, Thank you – and it is a dogwood in the distance. I am loving the amsonia now too but a bright golden Indigofera stopped me in my tracks the other day (I’ll have to post that pic next time…) -kris

  2. Out here in our Vancouver, BC, garden, our sunburst honey locust is coloring nicely (orange-juice yellow), our Japanese maple is looking like Ronald McDonald’s wig, and the Euonymous alata is adding a pop of red red! We don’t have amsonia, but the Solomon’s seal and the melting hostas are butterscotchy. And there’s still lots of green to set off those colours.

    Debby, your garden sounds beautiful – I love the description of your Japanese maple! -kris

  3. The colors are muted here this year. Still, there is beauty to be seen if one looks hard enough.

    Layanee, I wonder if the color we have here just seems more brilliant compared to last year when we had none… Maybe you should take a ride down to compare! -kris

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