Gratuitous Friday photos

It’s been another hot, dry week but the gardens are as beautiful as ever. Proof is in the pictures and I just couldn’t resist doing a tiny Garden Bloggers Bloom Day preview since I always miss it when it falls on a weekend. Click on for a larger view or hover over for identification. And don’t forget to check out our Pinterest pages for a different sort of look at (almost) all of the plants in the different gardens.

Have a fabulous weekend – I look forward to seeing everyone else’s blooms on the actual day. (Thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for always hosting bloom day.)

2 thoughts on “Gratuitous Friday photos

  1. I’m visiting RI in mid-August (14th to the 21st). Is there anything we should know about going on in the Blithewold gardens during that time? Our gardens in Wisconsin are all blooming at once so it’ll be interesting to see what’s still going strong in your beautiful gardens.

    Pat, You’ll be coming at a very beautiful time – late summer, pretty much August into October – is Gail’s and my favorite time in the garden because there’s so much going on. Scroll through the blog archives for August to get a taste (most of the pictures you’ll find were taken mid-month and later because I usually go away for the first couple of weeks, so that should give you a pretty good idea.) I might still be away when you’re here this year, but I hope you introduce yourself to Gail and Tricia! -kris

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