Gratuitous Friday foliage

I just can’t help myself. The Japanese maples are totally knocking my socks off.

Since it’s forecast to be a beautiful weekend, why not come see for yourself? (The pictures don’t do it justice. Standing underneath one of these trees is like being submerged in pure pigment.) If you do visit, you’ll be guaranteed to catch a glimpse of what’s in the works for Christmas Sparkle too… (I’m not going to give that away here just yet.)

One thought on “Gratuitous Friday foliage

  1. I enjoyed mine two weeks ago and then the heavy frost turned the leaves to brown leaving ratty, dried up debris. It is hard to believe we are only 50 miles apart or so. Another heavy frost this morning has the garden sparkling in the late fall. Enjoy this gorgeous day.

    Layanee, I’m sorry your show is over – but isn’t there some consolation in the debris?! I just spread shredded leaves here yesterday. What wealth! And a gorgeous day to do it to boot. -kris

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