Photo Op

I couldn’t resist a couple of pictures today — Here’s Augustus Van Wribbit kicking back on the lotus. Earlier this week, I falsely accused Gus-Gus of dining on one of the new fish but Milo, Edwin and Gracie are all present and accounted for.Augustus Van Wribbit on his new throne

Gail pointed out the Halesia to me this morning (I had my blinders on) – what a beauty!Halesia carolina (Silverbell)

and I was reminded by one of you to turn my gaze to Father Hugo’s Rose – the buds are like candles and it’s just about to burst into bloom!Rosa xanthina f. hugonis - Father Hugo’s Rose

8 thoughts on “Photo Op

  1. Kris,
    I love visiting the garden through this looking-blog and it makes me hungry to stop by for a dose of the real thing again and again. In the meantime, I keep trading my computer wallpaper for one of your latest photo-ops. I’ve been in the foggy north garden for a few days and will move in now for a beautious close up (no, not Augustus–the flowers!) You keep bringing beauty into focus in and around my life. Thank you!

  2. Kris:

    I’m glad you have that Fr. Hugo! I will be posting pictures of him on my site today! Do you find it carefree? I love Augustus! Great picture!

  3. Considering that I generally forget that the Father Hugo Rose is even there (I only drive by it EVERY DAY. – funny what we take for granted isn’t it?), I’d say it’s pretty care-free! We have 2 clumps and they really are huge Hugos so it might not be the right plant for a small garden – you seem to have the space for it though! The old species roses do tend to be made of tougher stuff than the new shrub roses but the draw back is you have to pay attention to catch it in bloom!

  4. Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog, which lead me here to this blog and the beautiful pictures of the gardens. That Fr. Hugo rose is beautiful and the buds do look like candlelights.

    Layanee has already tempted me to get a Halesia, it’s now on my list for fall planting, if I can find one around here.

    Have a great day in the garden,
    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  5. Thank you, Carol! Good luck with your search (do you know there’s a pink blooming Halesia??! V. pretty!)

  6. Kris, I’ve just spent a wonderful hour reading your blog and enjoying the gardens vicariously. I wish I could actually SEE all the action around the greenhouse and cutting gardens from the third floor! Fabulous dialogue and amazing photographs. Love that frog…………….

  7. Thank you, Margaret! — You’ve been busy bees up there in the archive hive — the exhibit this summer is the best yet! (I long for a Ball!)

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