Any excuse for a party

The North Garden is ready for the big party on SaturdayIt’s summertime (the living is easy) and it’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – those are reasons enough for me to want to eat, drink and be generally merry. But not only that, Blithewold is 100 years young this year and hundreds of people will be celebrating in high style at the “Celebration of a Century” Gala this Saturday. I wish I could work the red carpet like Joan Rivers and broadcast the best and worst dressed. Instead, I’ll present my picks for best and worst dressed in the garden:


Praying Mantis is elegantly understated – green is definitely the new black.

Praying mantis in the Panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’

Frog (son of Gus-Gus) is wearing this season’s green as well as a fashion forward statement in eyewear – he’s certainly an eye catching Prince Charming! Come here, sweetie and let me kiss you…

Son of Gus striking a pose

This Orb-web spider has gone a little overboard I think – super scary and yet I can’t take my eyes off her (kind of like a Cher train wreck). What was she thinking?!

Orb-web spider in thigh high stilettos

The gardens are all dressed in their mid August party finery too. Here are some belles of the Bloggers Bloom Day Gala (hosted as always by generous Carol of May Dreams Gardens):

Japanese anenomes were early to the party - they started blooming in July!Datura meteloides ‘Evening Fragrance’ - open in time for the partyNot a bloom but a most beautiful bouquet!Aster ‘Florette Champagne’Melinis nerviglumis ‘Savannah’ (Pink paintbrush grass)Clerodendrum trichotomum - Harlequin Glory BowerAn un-named rose in the Rose Garden.  It’s a large shrub with small peachy flower clusters - anyone know its name?

Anybody else in a party mood? Who’s dressed up in your garden?

6 thoughts on “Any excuse for a party

  1. I LOVE your fashion review, Kris! And I’m jealous… I’ve been sending out invites to the mantis for a few years now, but he keeps shunning my garden. I think that you must be a better party-thrower than you think. :)

    I adore the way that aster is opening up in a spiral shape. Makes me think I ought to try to grow a few.

    Kim, I haven’t seen the mantises in my garden either and I even brought a couple of egg cases home… I think they must have found their way back here. I’m surprised you like that aster – it’s pretty pinkish! We grew it from seed that we bought from Thompson & Morgan. -kris

  2. Quite right, Kris – green is definitely the “in” color. I agree with Kim about that aster; it’s stunning. I hope someone can help you with the name of the peachy rose, because it’s lovely too. And your shot of the tomatoes – wowee! Thanks for sharing the beauty of Blithewold today – and have a wonderful party tomorrow. A whole century: what a great reason for a celebration!

    Nan, Thanks for coming by! I think I’ll just have to keep asking periodically about our stumper plants – hopefully one day someone will recognize that rose! Meanwhile I should probably have a naming contest… -kris

  3. Kris, this would have been the perfect place to enter a picture of you! I mean in the best dressed category of course. You work that blithewold tee,holster and of course the hora hora everyday! Anyway, I really like this blog, it’s a sweet idea. I am feeling sad that I can’t talk over blog ideas with you each week. The gardens look beautiful in these pictures, as always. Talk to you soon and hope to see a picture of elusive you on the blog soon.

    Lilah, I miss your blog ideas and of course the invitation to be a guest blogger remains open – that may be the only way a pic of me in my haute couture could get posted (I prefer, as you know, to remain behind the lens). I hope your Blithewold uniform made the college wardrobe cut – got to represent! -kris

  4. Congrats to all on the 100 year anniversary. That’s quite a mileston, and this is quite a post. I love the fashion commentary and definitely agree that green is the new black. Thanks for posting for bloom day. I’ll be checking back in the days ahead to find out how the big gala event went!

    Thank you, Carol and thanks for holding the Bloom Day Gala! I can’t give a first hand account of Blithewold’s Gala but they had a beautiful full moon night and it sounds like everyone there had a fabulous time. -kris

  5. That is one large clerodendrum which I can’t grow here in northwestern RI. Beautiful photos and prose as always and I can’t believe you were not at the Gala! That would be work after work though wouldn’t it?

    Layanee, I never would have been able to get my fingernails clean enough for that party! -kris

  6. What’s with the Japanese Anemones? I saw that they were confused somewhere else also. (Can’t remember where.) I’ve never grown that kind of Aster, which used to be known as China Asters, because I thought they were dull looking. I guess I was mistaken.

    My theory about the Japanese anemones is that they were tricked by our wicked hot June and cooler July into thinking that fall might come early this year. And yeah those asters are cool and worth growing wherever you might need late season spirals. I have to say though that when they’re fully open, they’re a little less interesting. -kris

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