Winter’s sculpture

Another heavy, wet snow is coming at us sideways today. I don’t mean to whine (yes I do!) but we’ve had just about enough of that this winter. And it has taken its toll all over the property. The other day I took a walk through our bamboo grove (yellow groove – Phyllostachys aureosulcata). It usually pops back up after a snowfall. Not this year. Each snowfall landed like another ton of bricks. But I’m inclined to find the damage beautiful – like an art installation – because I know the grove will recover. The broken culms will have to be cut out, and the grove roped off while new shoots rise in May and June, but soon enough – maybe even by this summer, it will be hard to tell it was ever so smashed. (Click on pictures for a bigger view.)

Did winter make any sculptures in your garden?

One thought on “Winter’s sculpture

  1. Enough already! How do gardeners in Maine and Vermont manage without going whacko? Waking up this morning to 6-8″ after we had such a promising snow melt last week, almost made me go back to bed and put the covers over my head. Then I realized the lights were on. We still had power. Next week will be 50F. Okay. Life is good.

    Kathy, is that another chance of snow I see in the forecast?? Doesn’t matter. You’re absolutely right that life is good. Especially for me – I forgot to mention that I’m on vacation this week! -kris

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