It’s snow pretty…

… and so cold! Last night’s snowstorm left us with a wind-whipped whirl of sparkles and a windchill as low as -6. Much too cold and icy to be open today (Friday) but pretty enough to numb nose and toes for some quick pictures. I shot the first 2 yesterday as the storm got started, the rest today. It’s hard to tell how much snow fell here because of drifting – but I’d guess maybe 6-8 inches. (Hardly Herculean.)

Stay tuned for part two of my baker’s dozen of favorite plants from 2013 sometime next week — and stay warm!

One thought on “It’s snow pretty…

  1. Shivering to just look at these images. Thank Goodness for greenhouse generator. Love the thought of all those beauties toasty and safe. Happy Newest Year.

    Ginny, Thank goodness indeed! No worries here anymore. Happy new day and year to you too! -kris

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