Working overtime

half fully clothed or half naked?The landscape is changing before our very eyes. Plants have taken advantage of the recent heatwavelet to push out leaves, flowers and seeds like it’s their job and they’re putting in for overtime. I’m astonished to look up and see nearly fully clothed trees – I thought I had been paying attention but it’s happening so quickly now. I’ve been told that it’s every New Englander’s birthright to complain about the weather and we are given special dispensation to whine about the brevity of spring. I have to admit that even though I like to think I have a Pollyanna-ish appreciation for all kinds of weather and a keen eye out for spring, I’ve been whining a little louder this year too. Wouldn’t we all like the tulips to hold on, the cherry trees and magnolias to keep blooming, and the trees to stay nearly naked in their feather soft lingerie a little longer? – Or is it just me?

Tulipa 'Artist', Phlox divaricata and Myosotis sylvestris (forget-me-not)Aquilegia canadensis (Columbine)Acer palmatum var. dissectumChaenomeles speciosa (Flowering quince)Maackia amurensis jewelsCinnamon ferns in full speed unfurlCherry gone byAmelanchier (Serviceberry, Shadbush)Acer saccharum - Sugar maple dripping with flowersSugar maple flower close-upStyrax bejeweled

Deadheads planting the sweet peasLike the trees, we’ve taken advantage of the sun and warm temperatures too and are keeping ahead of schedule. Gail’s new mantra is “we’ll plant something everyday and it will all get done.” We’ve got another 8 weeks or so of planting ahead of us and if we keep up our industrious pace, we’ll be done in … I would guess … maybe 7 weeks. On Tuesday the Deadheads planted the sweet peas right on schedule – they graciously allowed me to take my annual chorus-line shot of them. And Wednesday the Rockettes tackled planting lettuce, cabbages, Swiss chard, beets, pansies, orlaya and calendula in the Display Garden bed that we have designated The Potager.  Gail and I wrestled the crowning agave into the (almost) exact center of the ellipse and are crossing our fingers that we won’t have a frost. The weeds, of course, are putting in overtime too and the Florabundas had their work cut out for them yesterday in the Rose Garden. (Gail and I planted peonies. – Plant something every day!)

Rockettes planting The PotagerThe Potager - cool crops

Now that the weather has turned gray and rainy, we’ll complain a bit about that too. But everything recently planted will take the opportunity to get straight to work.

What is working overtime right now in your garden? – Are you?

daff cam 4-30-09

4 thoughts on “Working overtime

  1. We have all been busy haven’t we? Not in the garden though and time is running out for cleanup. Please send the deadheads! Love the chorus line shot and all the other interesting blooms! I have been whining about the heat but right now, warm with wet, it is just about perfect.

    Layanee, the Deadheads will be right over – as soon as they’re done in my garden… might be a while… The gray skies aren’t so bad – colors are popping. I saw a lot of happy photographers on the property today! – kris

  2. What a wonderful place.

    Keewee, Thanks for visiting – please come back! -kris

  3. You have been busy! I would be out there planting too, but 57 and rainy is just not pleasant enough for me. Then again my entire garden is probably the size of the potager, so there’s really no rush, lol.

    Heather, Sometimes it’s more fun to just do a little planting at a time – whenever the time feels right. And one of the biggest bennies of a small garden is not having to feel frantic about getting it all done! -kris

  4. Blitheworld looks gorgeous! I’m sad to see the tree blooms go by (especially the Japanese Magnolias, but remember how long we’ve been looking for spring and those first shoots pushing through the cold cold ground? It was astonishing to have full on leaves on the tree over our porch, which seem to have come on in just 1 week. And yes, I have such a tiny garden, but I manage to be out in it for 3 days straight & am whipped tired. Now that it’s Monday & time to go back to work, I need a nap.

    Thanks, Lynn- It is gorgeous here and so amazing to see so much activity after such a long winter. And I need a nap too – any time I sit I totally lose momentum! -kris

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