We’re ready!

The gardens have all had their spring clean-up and Gail and Julie pruning climbersJulie, Gail and I even got to the Rose Garden’s east side climbing roses today! Pruning climbers isn’t rocket science but it’s definitely tricky and totally stickery! Each plant was thinned out to a half dozen or so newer canes and those canes were cut way back, arched slightly and retied to the fence. The climbers might not flower a whole lot this year, but next year’s show should be outstanding! (Sometimes patience is a virtue.)giant pile of climber stickers

So we’re ready to open – but the weather – ugh. Check the forecast. It looks like Saturday is this weekend’s best bet. The Daffodils are waiting for a little more heat before they strut their stuff, but the upside is you won’t be distracted from seeing other things quietly waking from a long (long) winter’s nap!

2 thoughts on “We’re ready!

  1. This blog is great we’re waiting for the perfect day to visit. Look like it might not happen until next weekend!

  2. You may be right – the weather is NOT cooperating this week! Rain is in the forecast until Friday … the Daffs might be out and about by then – We’ll keep you posted!

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