a new path, washed out

We were about to open for the season. Even though the daffodils in the Bosquet aren’t quite in bloom yet, the grounds and gardens looked spiffed and ready for a spring hurrah. And then over this past weekend, lot of rain fell. Upwards of 5″ came down like a hammer and chisel and caused more damage than the epic rainstorm did back in 2010. Every path is damaged and some look as gouged as the grand canyon. Gravel hemorrhaged out into lawns and gardens; mulch washed into lawns and the pond. It’s a mess. 

the lane from the greenhouse to the Rock Gardengravel all over the shrub walkA grand canyon in the NutteryA river of gravel through a North Garden bed

And because of how wet everything is – the ground is so sodden, some rivers and rivulets are still flowing – it will take some time to fix all of the paths. Fred, Dan, and Nick have worked hard to repair the paths around the mansion and to the greenhouse but some paths and areas will be closed until the restoration work can be completed. The good news is that yesterday’s sun opened the first little daffodils (‘Tete-a-Tete’) in the Moongate bed and that means that the next in line, ‘Ice Follies’ will follow soon. I’ll do my best to keep you updated!

Narcissus 'Tete-a-Tete' open in the Moongate bed

Did the storm bring flooding or washouts to your garden too?

2 thoughts on “Washout

  1. Devastating for you all. I am appalled at the damage and am suffering to think of all the work to get Blithewold back into its pristine condition. If my back were stronger, I would be there to help. Thank for the update and photos. It will be important to show these pictures as proof that we need to replace the gravel paths with a surface that can withstand such a catastrophic rain and make the journey through Blithewold’s grounds accessible to all.

    Ginny, It is appalling and I have been amazed at how much damage the guys have repaired in a short time. But am already cringing for the next rainstorm. Hope we find the perfect — and accessible — new path surface soon. -kris

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