They’re baaaack!

We left a welcome weed for Lilah's first day backJust as Gail and I teetered on the edge of overwhelmed, Cathy (Harvest Meister) and Lilah (Weed Woman) came back to lighten our load and lift our spirits -and not a moment too soon! Non-gardeners never believe me when I describe this time of year as “stressful”. I mentioned to someone that I spent the weekend “madly gardening” at home and was told that that must be an oxymoron – after all isn’t gardening supposed to be contemplative and therapeutic? Fellow gardeners, I know you know the frenzy that can overtake just now (let’s call it a Maynia). Not only is there an endless list of must-do-right-nows – like planting and digging out weeds that grew 5 feet tall all of a sudden when we were focused on planting – but we must also remember to notice and appreciate all of the returning plants and blooms – as if they’re old friends back for an annual reunion. I don’t know how many nights I’ve woken up worried that I might have missed a favorite plant’s peak (and right now they’re all my favorites). I almost snubbed the tree peony this year… I have some catching up to do with you all from before the long weekend. Here are some things I would have been disappointed to forget to welcome back and show off to you:

Hover over for captions/identification and click on for larger image.

Tree peony (Paeonia suffruticosa 'Yachiyotsubaki')Fred's spinner - getting to know a new featureDrooping leucothoe (Leucothoe fontanesiana) - another shot because I know someone loves them

Iris echo (we totally planned this combo! - or was it a happy accident?)Empress tree (Paulownia tomentosa)Little Rhody

Last Friday, Gail, Linda (one of the Rockettes) and I were “madly” planting/weeding in the North Garden when some visitors up on the north porch called our attention to the enormous red-tailed hawk taking a bath in the fountain not 30 feet from where the three of us were working. I’m so glad we didn’t miss that spectacle – although the hawk might have preferred a little privacy…

Hawk's bath interruptedclean wingssoggy bird

drying and flying

Are you feeling stressed out at all? Are you remembering to stop and contemplate the leucothoe?

6 thoughts on “They’re baaaack!

  1. Hi Kris, thank you for the peony picture. I can’t believe the incredible photos of that beautiful hawk. You are quick with the camera. Absolutely amazing!

    Thank you, Cyd! I actually felt slow with the camera – I was so entranced by our bathing beauty. But he/she took his/her time in there. -kris

  2. Those are great shots of the hawk. He really took a bath didn’t he? I am stressed as gardens are growing with no cleaning out having been done. The veggie garden is not planted to my satisfaction and there are flats of flowers wanting soil immersion. Oh well, I am leaving Thursday for Spring Fling and wish you were going with me. I will take you along in spirit.

    Layanee, I am thinking of you having such a great time out there in Chicago meeting all of our blogger friends for really real. I am envious… but I’ll distract myself with chores in my own garden this weekend. I know it must have been a little tough for you to leave your garden for a whole weekend! -kris

  3. The pictures of the hawk are AWESOME!!! And the picture of me is beyond dorky and frankly I am very embarrassed that it is online. See you tomorrow for another day in the garden.

    Lilah, I live in fear of retaliation… but I love that picture of you. I’m so glad you’re back! – kris

  4. Lilah and that weed makes it look like y’all have a great time going mad :) The hawk is super cool! I’d say you get double Wildlife Federation Habitat Garden points for that. Yesterday evening we put some tomatoes in the ground–in the rain–because it quit frosting and is now going to hit high 70s. Oh for a little middle weather ground!

    Lynn, We planted in the rain today too – no fun for us but the plants are pretty happy. Perhaps this weekend we’ll have a little seasonal late spring sunshine? We can always hope so! -kris

  5. I LOVE leucothoe… but unfortunately, I can’t get them to grow here for me very well and have given up. :( So I appreciate that extra photo, whether it was meant for me or someone else–it’s nice to enjoy a well-grown specimen vicariously through the Blithewold blog! :)

    Kim, That extra pic was totally for you! -kris

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