a tree fern fist at Haskell'sNearly everyone is badmouthing the weather.  We are all, universally it seems, ready for spring by which we might all mean summer.  We want to be warm now and surrounded by green growth and flowers now.  We’re ready!  Even Gail and I, enveloped as we are in the greenhouse by warmth and growing plants, need a little hort therapy to hold the crankies at bay.  So off we went today to Roseland Nursery in Acushnet, MA and since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped in at Allen Haskell’s in New Bedford, MA too.

I’m glad I made out a wish list for shopping at Roseland (more on that later).  I knew it would be acres of naked canes but it was truly acres of naked canes!  There were more roses than I have ever seen in one place and  I can only imagine what the nursery looks like – and smells like – in June.  I plan on going back no matter how crazy busy I am then – I’m sure a break and some aroma therapy will be more than necessary.

Roseland Nursery bins - not fully stocked yet but all the roses are in.A Roseland Nursery acre

Same thing for Haskell’s – I will make every effort to get back there because it was certainly worth the trip even to walk through the greenhouses. And seeing the bones and early blooms in their display gardens has me anxious to see it again in full summer dress.  Plus we enjoyed a little ornithological therapy too – I didn’t know about their gorgeous collection of multicolored Asian pheasants. (Gail actually bonded with one of them.)

Inside one of Haskell's greenhousesPheasant on guard at Haskell'sThis one purred for Gail

Of course it’s also therapeutic to walk through Blithewold – even for us and even in the rain.  Daffodil Days begins this weekend and there are already a lot of blooms on the property.  If you’re waiting for the daffodils to peak before you visit, stay tuned!  I’ll put up a “daff cam” picture on each of my posts through Daffodil Days and try to make a prediction or two to help you plan.

Petasites japonicus (Butterbur) in full bloom 4-6-09daffodils and scilla in the Bosquet 4-6-09daff cam 4-6-09

Are you planning a trip out for rough-weather hort therapy?  Will you come here?

5 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. Yes, I will come to Blithewold to celebrate my birthday (2nd yr in a row), on April 26.

    Anne, What a great thing to do on your birthday. Even though it falls on a Sunday, be sure to stop by the greenhouse in case Gail or I are here watering – and introduce yourself! -kris

  2. I need a hort therapy trip! Might plan one soon. Thanks for taking us along for yours.

    Carol, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for where you find your therapy… -kris

  3. Kris…I actually saw snow flakes in Worcester today. Of course I will come by again as it is always a pleasure. Love that early Petasites picture.

    Layanee, Just say no to snow (that’ll stop it!). And the Petasites already have leaves – won’t be long now before they turn into monsters. -kris

  4. Oh you are ahead of me! My neighbors are ahead of me, everyone’s ahead of my daffodils. They’re just about to bloom…any day now. I really must plan a trip to see Blithewold soon.

    Heather, I really hope you can make it here this year! -kris

  5. Guess I’m as guilty of bad mouthing the weather as the rest. But hey, we had snow showers the first 3 days of this week and temps below freezing. I had just returned from ‘sunny’ Long Island so it was a bit of a shock.

    You know I might get to Blithewold someday. I’d like to make the trip but you know how it is – work work work. (please excuse the typo, it really should read – Play Play Play after all I’m in the gardens)

    Wiseacre, I know how it is, believe me! I hardly ever get out and about – but can’t complain. I hope to see you here and hope it has warmed up! -kris

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