The idylls of May

Davidia involucrata (Dove tree)May is one of those idyllic months ranking right up there with September but, to make an inevitable play on words, there’s nothing idle about it. We are kept constantly on the move trying to stay a step ahead of the weeds (impossible) and on track with the planting (2 cart loads per day). The plants are almost alarmingly hasty in their growth and apparently I forget the sequence of events from one May to the next. I was a little shocked to see the Dove tree in bloom – and isn’t it early for the Father Hugo’s rose? It isn’t. Rosa xanthina f. hugonis (Father Hugo's rose)They’re right on schedule. I’m glad that May still takes me by surprise and keeps me on my toes – I think that must be what makes it one of the most anticipated months of the year. In honor of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day in the middle of this, our host Carol’s (from May Dreams Gardens) favorite month, here’s a selection of Blithewold’s blooms (and one bud).

Hover over for captions and click on for larger image. Open your scratch-n-sniff application to view the daphne.

columbines in the Rock GardenLeucothoe fontanesianaTulipa bataliniiLiriodendron tulipifera (Tulip tree) in budTrollius 'Lemon Queen' and Dicentra alba and the North StarUvularia grandifloraJuglans cinerea (Butternut)Halesia carolina (Carolina silverbell)Geranium phaeum and a color echo irisEuonymus alatus (burning bush)Daphne x burkwoodii 'Carol Mackie'

What have you been surprised by this month?

3 thoughts on “The idylls of May

  1. You must be satisfyingly tired. All looks so beautiful and effortless which is a credit to you, Gail, Dan, Fred and all those volunteers. I love the Uvularia and wonder why I don’t have that one.

    Layanee, I’m glad it looks effortless – I’d like it to look as if the elves came in the night… You must have that uvularia – it’s so so pretty pretty. -kris

  2. Oooh… look at your leucothoe! I’m envious–I’ve tried that shrub in a variety of positions here, and while it *should* theoretically love my garden, it never seems to be happy. I’ve since given up. So I hope that you continue to show the blooms each May Bloom Day, Kris… so I can “have” it vicariously! 😉

    Kim, I actually thought of you when I took its picture! And I’ve added another, just for you, in the latest. It is such a dramatic beauty… -kris

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