Spring into winter

Spring took two steps back last night. We didn’t get as much accumulation as predicted but it sure felt like winter. Even the birds, who have been so LOUD lately, observed the snow’s silence this morning. But like all truly spring things, the snow was ephemeral: as pretty as a picture (or several pictures) and gone by noon.

(hover over for captions and click on for a better view.)

Are winter and spring doing a waltz in your garden too?

2 thoughts on “Spring into winter

  1. Are the daffodils coming up in the forest as well or are they just popping up in the meadow?

    Adrian, the only ones in bloom so far are the tiny ones just outside of the Rose Garden Moon Gate. But the ones in the Bosque (your “forest”) are all budded up. We don’t have any in the lawn… -kris

  2. it’s almost like we live next door! it was a beautiful sunrise, but we had to get out the door too early to stop for photo-making. I was bummed about that. On the sunny slopes the snow’s gone, but my budding hellebore is still covered. Hope the 11 degree lows these next few nights don’t disrupt the budding too awful much. I can see the mottling of ‘Katherine Hodgkin’ flowers inside the stalks and cannot wait to see them!

    Oh brrrrr! It’s cold here but not THAT cold. I hope you catch a glimpse of your hellebores soon! – and I wish you really did live next door. -kris

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