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Even though the gardens and grounds are open year-round, we try to look our very-extra-best for the official opening of the mansion and the true start to our summer (please let us have spring first!) season. The volunteers have gotten into (almost) every garden to clean winter out; Gail and I are planting spring container displays and double-checking that the greenhouse residents are well labeled and lovely; and Fred and Dan are making sure there’s not a leaf or greening-up blade of grass out of place on the whole property.

We’re just about ready for Daffodil Days (beginning Saturday, April 9) and the daffodils are too. The ‘Ice Follies’ at the edge of the Bosquet are just beginning to open and everybody else is budded if not yet bent at the neck. — I have to admit that I never before noticed that daffodils bow right before they open…

I also never noticed these miniatures before and if you can spot them on the property, I’ll give you a prize. I’m trying to bone up once again on all the different daffodil divisions (the American Daffodil Society says there are 13 divisions and I’m inclined to believe the enthusiasts over any other sources) and have learned that there are miniatures in every division. My best guess puts ours in lucky 13, which includes species, wild variants and wild hybrids, and if you know the cutie’s name I’ll give you a prize.

4 thoughts on “Ready… set…

  1. Based on their height description I’m going to vote div. 14 ‘Midget.’ Although, it looks like it’s crossed with something in division 10 like ‘golden bells’ except it doesn’t have the grass like foliage they do. Shrug.

    What do you mean “div. 14”??!! I’m overwhelmed by 13 divisions. In any case those are good guesses. ‘Golden Bells’ comes the closest but ours – it’s hard to tell from my picture – has more of a trumpet than a hoopskirt. And you’re right about the lack of grassy foliage… -kris

  2. Your dafs are so far ahead of ours! I’m envious. Must remember to select more early forms next fall, and plant them on a south facing slope. Blithewold, is always, but especially in the spring, breathtaking.

    Kathy, There have been a few blooming in town against south-facing foundations for a couple of weeks now! I don’t think you’ll have to wait too much longer for yours… In the meantime, can you swing time for a visit? -kris

  3. Oh, P.S. What is that trapezoidal thing in the middle of the bosquet?

    It’s winter protection for the fountain masquerading as postmodern art. (Ceci n’est pas une fountain cover) -kris

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