Pockets of color

There has been a lot of speculation ever since Irene blew through that this wouldn’t be a good fall foliage year. Even in the days after the storm the horizon – particularly anything facing south and east – has looked markedly brownish. And then we had our unseasonably freakish snow storm (little more than a dusting here but still…) and it’s easy to just give up and think winter’s here. But we’ve had lots of  days of lovely fall weather interspersed among the ugly days (we’re enjoying a blissful spell right now) and there is plenty of fall color. Pockets of it. We just have to look a little closer.

Despite the freakishly unseasonable weather that might make us think it’s too late to plant bulbs, it absolutely isn’t. We were able to stay right on schedule – this sunny and warm post-nor’easter week is a bulb planter’s dream. We were able to wait until frost (erm… snow) to take out the last of our annuals and dahlias – amazingly some still haven’t been fully hit despite cold nights. But out they came to make way for bulbs. The Deadheads planted over 1000 tulips and alliums in the cutting garden and other display garden beds on Tuesday; Over 300 more in the North Garden that same day; and this morning the Rockettes planted 1800 little bulbs in the Rose Garden (Chionodoxa, Puschkinia, Fritillaria, Anemone…) Tomorrow the Florabundas will finish up planting something like 400 more tulips and alliums in the Rose Garden. No matter how weird the weather is this coming spring we can look forward to (amazing) pockets of color then too.

This marks the last official work-week in the gardens for the garden volunteers (they still have the big Christmas tree to decorate) and our intern Tara who saw us through a full growing season. Gail and I will really miss everyone’s smiles, good-natured growls (Toni), hard work, stories, dedication and easy company. Come by for tea any time!

Are you finding – or planting – pockets of color too?

3 thoughts on “Pockets of color

  1. Nope. This has been the best year in 6 years for color by my count. We stole it from you, I guess. I could stare at that trough picture all day.

    Give it back!! –But I’m glad though that you’re getting to enjoy it – you’ve waited long enough! and I find myself stopping to gaze at the troughs too – I’ll do a post on them soon… -kris

  2. No color here. Really, there is very little. Torn leaves and early snow disrupted everything. I am glad to hear you have pockets of color. I will have to come for a visit.

    Layanee, I hope you visit soon – what color there is just about peaking… -kris

  3. Hello there,

    Was inspired by the name “pockets of color” for my new little business. Hope to make flower pots and window boxes that are beautiful. with plants that I grow myself.

    When I typed on the web, here you appeared. Will have to come and see you someday.

    Your picture reminds me of the very best gift my grandparents gave me. Many enjoying days in the garden learning about nature and about ourselves through nature.


    Good luck, Katrina! -kris

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