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Self-sown poppies, nicotiana and eryngium placed by nature in the big Display Garden bed.According to the calendar, we’re a week ahead of last year and even slightly ahead of May’s full moon, but we couldn’t wait another minute to start planting. And according to the temperature – hot! – we’re right on schedule. I do wish our timing didn’t seem to consistently coincide with the very hottest days of late spring… It would be much better for the plants to choose a week of cool, gray days. But it seems that when we turn the corner on night temperatures, we run headlong into the days of summer. We’re working against the clock of full summer heat all of a sudden.

Tomatoes planted 5-25-10We’re in good shape though because reinforcements have arrived – Cathy (Harvest Maven) is back to help Dick in the vegetable garden and Lilah (Weed Woman) completed her sophomore year at Bard and has joined our crew for another summer! They planted tomatoes in the vegetable garden yesterday and with the volunteers’ help, gave the weeds what-for.There’s room now for another round of vegetable planting.

Yesterday the Tuesday volunteers also planted the big Display Garden bed. For the last 3 years it has been slowly filling with perennials, shrubs and self-sowers but we have deliberately left plenty of blank canvas for painting a new picture every season – something the perennial plant addict in me can’t seem to do at home. This year Gail and I placed 300 annuals and tender perennials that we hope will grow to be a riot of deep colors and bold textures. It already looks night-and-day different from last year’s frothy haze of pale lavenders.

the painters' palette of plants for the big Display  Garden bedGail surveys the placementTuesday volunteers - the Deadheads - plantingPlanted and ready to grow

The Rockettes are planting annuals and tender perennials (dahlias!) in the North Garden tulip pockets as I write and, weather permitting, we’ll plant in the Rose Garden tomorrow.

But just because we’re planting this week doesn’t mean that by next week we’ll be finished and can go home. We aim to have everything still waiting in the greenhouse planted by the end of June even then there will be endless tweaking and editing to be done here and there. – The gardens are, in fact, a work in progress from here on out.

Are you planting this week too?

3 thoughts on “Planting week

  1. Planting? I’m still recovering from the most recent snowstorm.

    Ugh! You poor thing. (your poor tomatoes!) -kris

  2. I was, but I decided to hold off ’til the end of the week, when things cool down a bit. It’s BAKING out there! So many drama queens wilting dramatically, even if they’ve been in the ground for months or years. I slipped a few annuals and a new Aralia cordata in yesterday morning in my shade garden, and they’re OK.

    The only catch is that the sunny garden is screaming out for a good yard of compost mulch, and every minute of its absence is killing me! There is way too much messiness and bare earth to cover up out there. Gah.

    I’ve got to get down there this year and see your riots of color and texture in person. Happy planting!

    Smart man to wait to plant. Thank goodness the heat was followed by a stormy night and ever so slightly cooler temps. (here anyway – there too?) I’ll look forward to your visit! – I hope you feel caught up soon… -kris

  3. I need the Deadheads! Send them over. I think I will be planting and cleaning beds for the next month in addition to trying to keep the newly cleaned beds weed free. Oh, that sounds a bit whiny but there is still so much to do…..

    Layanee, I need them in my garden too! We’re on our own, I’m afraid… (whine away.) -kris

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