More blooms, no waiting

daff cam 4-12-10Spring blooms are not queuing up in any kind of orderly succession – they’re storming the gates, pushing and shoving and all shouting at once. Tulip 'Rococco' in the Rose Garden - shoes by Ferragamo?The tulips are not waiting their turn for the daffodils or even the scilla to go by. Not only are the color clashes truly alarming but we’re left to wonder what will happen in May. Will The May Gap be deeper than ever or will May really be June instead? And then what happens to July? At this point it’s all conjecture with a few hopes and fears thrown in, and there’s absolutely nothing we gardeners can do but enjoy the abundance – and take way too many pictures. If the lilacs bloom out before Mother’s Day, so be it. Maybe Mom will have roses instead… As for the daffodils, they are still gorgeous. The ‘Ice Follies’ are fading but late bloomers like ‘Thalia’ and ‘Mrs. Backhouse’ are set to open right up.

Tulip 'Analita' in the Rose GardenCorylopsis glabrescens 'Longwood Chimes' - winterhazel in the Water GardenPrunus subhirtella 'Pendula' - weeping cherryTulip 'Snow parrot' - complete with a blue-ish blush on the outer petalsour Magnolia stellata is still opening up

This could be a bloom day post 3 days early but I think much more will be revealed in the next few days. As a matter of fact, here’s a foreshadowing:

Viburnum carlesii 'Compactum' in bud 4-12Malus floribunda - crabapple in fat bud 4-12

Anyone care to place bets on when the Mayflower viburnum a.k.a. Korean spice bush a.k.a. Viburnum carlesii will bloom? How about the crabapple? Are your May flowers looking like they might bloom in April too?

5 thoughts on “More blooms, no waiting

  1. I checked my photo library and the ‘Hally Jolivette’ is a full two weeks early as is the river of blooms. I will just enjoy them early although it does make one wonder doesn’t it. Love those tulips. Rococco rules!

  2. I’m not sure when my May flowers will bloom…I’d settle for anything to bloom at this point. It’s snowing. Again. I can’t believe I haven’t added V. carlesii to my viburnum collection yet. I hope to correct that oversite this year.

    Christine in Alaska

  3. Love ‘Analita'; would have planted it too, but I was on a budget. May?! It’s snowed 2″ today. It figures. The saucer Magnolias were beginning to bloom.

  4. I’m heading to Blithewold April 24-third year in a row to celebrate my birthday. Each year has been so different-hopefully some daffodils will be left!

  5. It’s insane! We have Juneberries blooming right on top of the Magnolias, and the Cornus mas is just fading. Down in Ithaca the tulips are full on, but here it’s just the earliest lil species cuties, and they can hang around long as they like. Your post is so funny. If I were you I’d go lie down amidst all those daffs and just be til that Viburnum pops! :)

    Lynn, the viburnum popped just when I thought it would (though the crabapples are biding…) Guess there’s no rest for the weary! -kris

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