Manic Monday

(“wish it was Sunday”) But it rained all over “funday” – somewhere between 2 and 4 inches for the weekend. There’s always plenty to do on Monday to get (dis)organized for the week. This week we’re planting. (That is going to start sounding like a broken record!) We’ll fork rain-mushed tulips out of the cutting garden, North Garden, and Visitor’s Center beds and start emptying the greenhouse of pot bound seedlings and cuttings.

Meanwhile here’s some up-the-skirts and other more demure pictures of blooming beauties:

The Dove tree is full of hankies – almost like it’s been t.p.ed – but so much prettier! Davidia involucrata (Dove Tree) flowerDavidia involucrata (Dove Tree)

I think I might like the Pulsatilla vulgaris (Pasque flower) even better naked than clothed (I could never get a good shot of it in flower – that shade of violet/blueish is a toughy.)
Pulsatilla vulgaris (Pasque flower) seedhead

Remember the tiny sleeping Cinnamon fern? This is the same one today: Cinnamon fern fistOsmunda cinnamomea 5-21-07

And the May apples are blooming! The light wasn’t quite right to get a good picture but here’s one anyhow because they’re so cool – you have to really look for these guys!Podophyllum peltatum (May apple)

And now I wonder if there are any other 30+ somethings out there that I’ve managed to infect with an 80’s girl band earworm? So sorry!

4 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. I love that Dove tree! I don’t think it is quite hardy here in northern RI but yours is just lovely. My mayapples are up but not yet blooming. Lovely photos.

  2. Thanks, Layanee! The Davidia is marginal here. We’ve got it in a pretty protected spot in the lawn on the east side of the mansion. Are you zone 5 or 6?

  3. Kris:

    Really zone 5b. I’d love to try it but then again, the Yankee in me won’t let me throw $$$ down the drain! I’ll come see yours and there is a beauty at Haskell’s in New Bedfore.

  4. It’s always SO much more satisfying to see something you’ve planted thrive! And good to have one more excuse to visit other gardens!

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