It just keeps getting better

Daff cam 4-21-09Last night’s rain may have made a few of the daffodils face-plant but it brought out that delicious fragrance of spring that put the visual beauty almost in the background.  Almost.  I would have closed my eyes – I did for a minute maybe – but there’s still so much coming out that I couldn’t help but do my usual mad circuit of the property sticking my face and then my camera up close to every bud. I’m not sure I’ve noticed anything more adorable than the Horsechestnuts emerging. Except maybe the Trillium, Mayapples and Epimediums. (If you’d like to know the name of the epimedium pictured below, please let me know – I did mean to write it down…)  And we’re taking bets on when the Agave ‘Spot’ will bloom.  Will it open before it reaches the ceiling?  And what color will it be?

Red horsechestnut emerging (Aesculus x carnea 'Briotii')Red horsechestnut leafing out

Trillium getting ready to open

Mayapples unfurling (Podophyllum peltatum)EpimediumTulipa 'Big Chief' and Daphne 'Carol Mackie'

Agave 'Spot' reaching for the sky

And not only is spring still getting better but we’re well on our way in the gardens too.  Happiness is a shipment of plants and we’ve had a couple of exciting deliveries in the last few days.  First our dahlia cuttings arrived from Corralitos Gardens in CA – neatly packaged and perfect.  And today not even pouring rain could dampen our enthusiasm as we checked in our order from Sunny Border.

The dahlia cuttings as they arrivedGail organizing our Sunny Border order

There’s just so much to look forward to… What’s next in your garden?

2 thoughts on “It just keeps getting better

  1. It’s only in the past few days I’ve noticed real fragrance from simply standing near some flowers. The Japanese Magnolia (Tulip) Trees around Ithaca are stunning. It’s really here! Your orders are exciting! Will the dahlia cuttings bloom their first year? I’m hoping that the tuber overwintering in the basement is still alive. Keep taking it all in!

    Lynn, It’s been so windy here that it’s been hard to catch a wiff of anything – but that morning was foggy and perfectly still. We’ve been told – reassured – that the dahlia cuttings will grow and bloom just like ordering tubers – some of them had already started forming tubers, tiny as they are. I’ll definitely keep you posted! -kris

  2. Kris: Gee, I guess I should clean out some beds! I hadn’t heard of the Corralitas dahlia cuttings before and can’t wait to see what develops! I’ll bet the agave bloom hits the ceiling. Better open the skylight!

    Layanee, I’ll definitely keep you posted about the dahlias – looks like the way to go. Andthe agave came close to hitting the ceiling – may still – and bloomed yesterday all greenish brown. Can you imagine how excited I was?? -kris

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