Happy National Public Gardens Day!

If I had been less distracted by tulips and planting gardens this week I might have remembered to promote an excellent event that has brought all sorts of people who had never before heard of Blithewold (perish the thought!) here today. Members of the American Public Gardens Association opened their doors all across the country to those in the know (National Public Gardens Day was promoted by Better Homes & Gardens this year) and as the only open garden in Rhode Island we’ve seen lots of new faces. It’s wonderful! And I hope we see them again.

After all, we don’t do all of the planting we did this week (about 600 new and transplanted plants went in the ground) for our own amusement. (Not that I’m not amused because I totally am.) And even though we’ve told everyone we talked to that we planted for the pollinators, we didn’t actually plant it just for the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. We did it – we do all of it including the weeding, raking, mowing, sowing, watering and deadheading – for you, our human visitors and our beloved members. And we hope you’re thoroughly amused. And maybe inspired too.

Where else but a public garden can you see so many tulips labeled for easy decision making come July catalog time? And where else but Blithewold can you stroll in the sunshine along the waters edge and then through the deep shade of a bamboo grove?

Did you visit a public garden today? Were you inspired? Did you become a member?

3 thoughts on “Happy National Public Gardens Day!

  1. Loved my quick visit this week. Astounded that there is so much see so early in the season. Mouth-watering to anticipate the next act!

    Ginny, It’s always so great to see you! I’ll look forward to the next visit – after the May gap, perhaps? -kris

  2. Been too busy doing field trips. Not made it to Red Butte here yet. I’m also trying to get in to some private gardens this year, so public garden trips may be scaled back a bit.

    Susan, I love getting peeks into private gardens too. There are lots of charity-based organized tours around here all summer long – out there too? -kris

  3. Not really. There are a few, but when I’ve gone they’ve always been thinly veiled advertising for landscapers rather than citizen efforts or explorations in interesting plant choices. I’m having to just cold call folks and say, “Hey, I heard you have a lovely garden. Do you mind if I come and see it?”

    Susan, that’s great that you can do that. I wish I wasn’t so shy – I’m stuck peering over fences when I’m out and about with the dog. -kris

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