Full swing into spring

Blithewold is chock-a-block full of spring and it just keeps getting better – and by better, I mean springier by the minute. And because the weather is forecast to stay on the cool side, the daffs – and tulips when they open – should linger even longer. (That’s the silver lining around a chilly spring. Leave it to me to find the upside, right?)

We have taken every rainy-day opportunity to catch up on transplanting seedlings; and we’ve starting haunting our favorite nurseries and wholesalers, so the greenhouse is full to brimming. And the gardens and grounds are full too – full of daffodils, trout lily (Erythronium), mayapple (Podophyllum peltatum), grape hyacinth (Muscari), scilla, periwinkle (Vinca), tulips (opening next week by the looks of them), all sorts of trees in full flower (from the showy to the invisible), – and people! There’s nothing we like better than seeing the grounds full of people out for a eye-full, nose-full, ear-full of spring and a whole bunch of family fun. And interestingly, the only place on the property that starts to feel a little cozy, is the greenhouse. (Of course that’s just as it should be.)

Click on pictures for a larger view (did I take one of you or your kiddos?) or hover over for captions.

Is your garden full-swing into spring? Is your house filling up with seedlings? Have you started haunting your favorite nurseries yet?

One thought on “Full swing into spring

  1. Harrassing nursery workers with obscure plant requests and annoyance with plants not yet being in stock? Check. Planted warm season seedlings indoors too soon? Check. Garden still a mess from spring construction. CHECK.

    Susan, You’re right on schedule then – and way ahead of me! -kris

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