Dilly Dally

Daff cam 4-13-09

The past couple of days have been on the brutally chilly side but I’ve seen quite a few bundled up people lingering on the grounds anyway.  The reward is that spring is dallying while it opens, taking its cue from the sun.  The daffodils are out more and more – I’d say they’ll be about halfway to peak in the next day or two.  – I still think the big peak will be by the end of the week/weekend.  You know how I love the unfold though, so this is actually just about my favorite moment – when so many are still just on the edge of opening.  I love the potential.

Thing One (or a tree peony)

Speaking of potential, any guesses about who this Dr. Seuss character is going to grow up to be?  (Hover over for the answer – but no cheating!)

4 thoughts on “Dilly Dally

  1. You really captured the moment…… it’s like seeing a synchronised dancing in a pool … stunningly beautiful!!…. cheers. ~ bangchik at blotanical

    Bangchik – That’s for visiting – it’s a small world after all! And I love the comparison to synchronized dancing – I might have to borrow that. -kris

  2. It IS Dr. Seuss-like! I have one not as far along as this one. Need more. My daffs are opening slowly.

    Layanee, I have to give Gail the credit for seeing the resemblance to Thing One. I’ll bet your daffs will bust out tomorrow! Supposed to be WARM! -kris

  3. Tree peony? I just learned about this one recently, had never heard of or seen one before, and now they seem to be everywhere. I might have to get one if I can find a white one, the yellow isn’t my favorite. Wow, some job you have!?! I can see why you don’t always have energy for the home garden, it must be hard after caring for so many plants here! Lovely lovely and I agree with you about spring and the potential and the excitement of it all.

    Karen, Welcome to Blithewold! – Yes, this is why at home I’m laaaaaazy. You’ve got to try a tree peony – they’re a little tricky maybe but patience will be rewarded. Ours bloom a soft pink and are about the size of a dessert plate – click for pic. -kris

  4. What a beautiful tree peony, it looks like it will be huge. I bought a pink one last year and worried over it all winter. It is just fine and I am happy. I loved the pasque flower pictures. This is an amazing garden you work at, I’ll come back and visit you again.

    Cyd, It is a beautiful tree peony and although the blooms are enormous, the plant is pretty small still… I hope to see you here again – thanks for visiting! -kris

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