Daffodil Update

The same patch of daffs that was opening up last week is still in a state of suspended animation due to the decidedly winterish temps. The FirstsMost of the rest of the Narcissus in the Bosquet are snuggly budded and will probably wake bright-eyed sometime during the 3rd week in April. It’s so great when the big show (50,000 altogether – it’s daffolicious!) coincides with Blithewold’s ‘Daffodil Days’ opening festivities!Bosquet Daffodils 4-9-07

Other bloomers at this very moment (not to be outdone by a couple of early daffodils) are Scilla siberica, Iris reticulata and this Petasites japonicus aka Butterbur.Petasites japonicusThese sweet fist-sized clusters of flowers are followed by ginormous leaves the size of mini Coopers (I exaggerate – but only a little). They prefer moist shady locations where they can run (say it with me: “invasive”) and sometimes look a little wimpy (say “flopsy mopsy”) in the full heat of summer. But they’re COOL (says me) from the start!


2 thoughts on “Daffodil Update

  1. I love this blog! Last year I came to Blithewold for the Daffodil Days and it was amazing!!! I came back to the website today to see if there was any info on this year’s event. I am glad to see the photos you’ve posted here and the updates on the daffodils progress. So if anyone is interested I took some photos of last year’s Daffodil Days. See my web link to get you inspired to go to Daffodil Days this spring — you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Thank you, Sue! Your pictures are beautiful – I hope you come back this year and if (when!) you do, please come back by the greenhouse and introduce yourself!

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