C’est la vie

a courtyard inside the Musée CarnavaletI’m back! Mostly. Pretty much. Almost. Paris was a fantastical and footsore dream and I’d love nothing better than to go back there right now – we’re scheming about finding grants to attend the beekeeping school at Jardin du Luxembourg (me) and Le Cordon Bleu (he). And if I can’t be in Paris, I’d love nothing better than to be checking on spring at Blithewold. But instead I’m home with a bug. (Perhaps intestinal distress was a gift from the woman who shared my seat on the plane – I’ll have to put her on the ThankYou note list – I have a year, right?)

a border in Square René-Viviani (home to at least one of the “oldest” trees in Paris)In Paris spring was on the march (ha! unintentional pun totally intended) with daffs already starting to go by. Here they’re up and budded. Word is, Blithewold’s 50,000 or so might be a titch earlier to bloom this year than last so make sure to stay tuned for my up to the minute updates and daff cam. ‘Little Gem’ planted by the Moon Gate are already out so the biggies starting with ‘Ice Follies’ shouldn’t be too far behind.

In other news, Gail is famous! Check out this article by Linda Borg of the Providence Journal. A couple of amendments are necessary: Gail didn’t say that all of the 600 tulips in the North Garden were eaten by deer – heaven forbid!! She said she hopes they won’t be! (Precautions have been taken because the show must go on!) And to clarify – our resident wild honeybees reside in a horse chestnut stump near the greenhouse – they only come inside for visits, not to stay.

Please catch me up – I’ve been out of the loop! How is spring March-ing on for you?

7 thoughts on “C’est la vie

  1. Spring is certainly slow to come here in Nova Scotia. Paris in the spring…sigh. How wonderful!

    Nancy, I hope “slow” doesn’t feel interminable. Rest up (dream of Paris) while you can! -kris

  2. Wasn’t there a song: “April In Paris” Sounds good to me!

    You bet, Barbee and another one – “I love Paris in the Springtime” (I want to go back right now!) -kris

  3. Oh my goodness… they (and you) are WEEKS ahead of my garden! (I saw little sprouts of species tulip leaves in the day-and-a-half between snowcover last week. That’s it!)

    Glad to hear that you had a great–and obviously beautiful–time, and made it back safely. But sorry to hear about your bug–hope you feel better soon, Kris!

    Thanks, Kim! We might be “weeks” ahead but I’ll bet only about 2 or so — if there’s tulip foliage, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. -kris

  4. I’m so glad that my gloomy pronostications of Paris in March were proved wrong! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Spring has arrived in Chicagoland, despite heavy wet snow on Good Friday. Two steps forward, one step back.

    Mr. McG’s D, I’m glad too! – But we’d have had a great time no matter what (it’s all revoltingly blissful). Snow and spring? Happens, I guess – we’ve got a forecast for a “wintery mix” tomorrow… -kris

  5. Kris: So glad you are back, bug and all! Feel better and know you were missed! It is still cold but there are little streaks of green showing up all around. A few warm days and everything will jump. Oh, congratulations and I’m so happy to hear you loved Paris.

    Thank you, Layanee – I’m right as rain now. I love the little glimpses of green we’re getting now (pictures to follow!) -kris

  6. Poor Gail – it is so annoying to be misquoted in print. It can make you look a complete idiot. i long ago learnt not to take at face value anything i read in the papers.

    We’re into spring, with bright blue skies and sunny days. That has partially been due to a cold wind coming down from the mountains though, so temperatures have dropped a bit. but trees are greening and everything is sprouting like crazy, so winter is definitely over.

    Sue, Gail has been fretting since before the article was printed and was reassured by your comment. Misquotes happen (we should have t-shirts printed). Glad to hear winter’s over! -kris

  7. I’m happy you had a good time. My wife still talks about her time in Paris afer 35 years. It must have been wonderful to vist and I hope your memories last longer than my sweethears :)

    Meanwhile snow a foot deep still covers the ground here. Parts of the driveway are starting to show so there’s hope Spring is on it’s way. Meanwhile I’m packing up and traveling south next week to meet it.

    Thanks, Wiseacre. With spring on the early side here I keep forgetting all of you to the north are still buried under snow! I think you should do your best to bring spring back with you on your return home and absolutely claim credit for its eventual arrival. -kris

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