Carpe diem

daff cam 4-9-10The ‘Ice Follies’ – the first of our daffodils to show their faces have already started to fade. They’re not fading away just yet but the bright yellow trumpet they were born with is a creamy white now, signifying their end. We wouldn’t want them to stick around. Just imagine if we had daffodils lasting the summer – it would be so very wrong. Their colors only belong to spring, never summer – at least not in quite the same way. We might wish in theory for plants that bloom for months on end but when we have them we generally stop noticing them after the first few weeks. We move on because the season moves on and so the world turns.

bosquet view 4-9-10daff cam 4-9-10

By and by, the daffodils will go by and we’ll be ready for them to go because something else will come into bloom and capture our hearts and all our attention. (That said, in case you’re planning a visit, the daffs will still be outstanding for our opening weekend and if the weather cooperates, they’ll be a stunning sight well into the next week or so.)

Magnolia x loebneri  'Leonard Messel'The rain and then the heat of the last few days has more things blooming at once than the steady succession we’re used to. We do have to look quickly lest we miss any of the show. Yoshino cherry in the Water Garden opening 4-8-10Every day something is opening up and another something is fading away. The confectionery pink petals of the Magnolia x loebneri ‘Leonard Messel’ might start to fall apart now but the Water Garden cherries (Prunus x yedoensis ‘Akebono’) are just starting to open. Some things, like bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) in the Rock Garden are short lived anyway – I feel so lucky whenever I get to see them in bloom. But maybe everything will slow down a little now that temperatures are dropping back into the normal range. Regardless of the speed of spring, my advice is to seize the day with both eyes.

Sanguinaria canadensis 'Plena' - bloodroot

What spring changes are you focused on?

5 thoughts on “Carpe diem

  1. Always my favorite daffodil display through the bosquet. Your pictures are wonderful, as always. Aside from my Ice Follies, nothing much else is out yet here except for a few Jack Snipes against fences and warm pockets.

    High praise, Susan – thank you! If you had ice follies on Friday, I’ll bet you have a lot more out by now – I hope you are having a real spring by now anyway! -kris

  2. I like that… “seize the day with both eyes!” Great advice, Kris. And great photos–I SO hope that I can head East and visit Blithewold one day.

    Kim, I’ll look forward to whenever you make it out here – but I hope it’s someday soon! -kris

  3. Those daffodils look fantastic, I wish I could seize them with my eyes in person. This spring is whizzing by just too quickly, but you’re right, something else will come along to divert the attention, but while the daffodils & Sanguinaria are in their glory, nothing can compare.

    MMD, I wish you could be here to see it all too! It’s interesting that your spring is flying by too… -kris

  4. Carpe Diem. Such great words to live by, especially in the garden. I’m trying very hard to put the long list of chores out of mind, for at least a few minutes each day, and take this time to really observe. There is an incredible amount to see. Your image of the Acer blossoms, so mesmerizing, reminded me to get out the camera and visit our collection of Maples. Thanks Kris!

    Kathy, I hope that as the season progresses you keep taking those minutes every day! It gets tougher and tougher to allow for them… -kris

  5. Your pictures are gorgeous but seeing this display in person is really an experience. Enjoy them while they last. The quiet green groundcover is also quite welcoming during the heat of the summer. Love the bloodroot shot. Much better than those I took.

    Layanee, I’m so glad you finally got to see the daffs at their very peak! (You couldn’t have picked a better day.) And I don’t believe you about your bloodroot photos. -kris

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