Beggars can’t be choosers

I’ll take what I can get bloom-wise right now. I might even go out in the rain and get a little bit excited over a single pink bud on a pretty sorry looking dawn viburnum (Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’).  I’d have gone for a closer look but, silly me, I left my waders at home… The blurry little butterbur (Petasites japonicus) look almost like the sun to my deprived eyes, and mud splattered hellebores made me nearly giddy. Nearly.

Many thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for providing the impetus to look for blooms on a day like today. For a look at what’s in bloom everywhere else, check out Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

Viburnum x bodantense 'Dawn' - a little pathetic...Petasites japonicus - butterbur 3-15-10muddy hellebore 3-15-10

If only March would get on with it. To speed up my own experience of this month, later this week I’ll be looking for signs of spring in a slightly further along zone (8). I promise to do my best to bring the lamb back with me. See you in a couple of weeks!

Cornus mas - Cornelian cherry buds before the rainfirst daffs thinking about openingOxalis 'Copper Glow' in the greenhousea solitary Iris reticulata in the North Garden

11 thoughts on “Beggars can’t be choosers

  1. Okay, so it’s in the greenhouse… but I love that copper oxalis, AND its bloom! Very pretty. 🙂

    Kim , It’s one of our steady faves – though we just picked up a couple of new ones at Logee’s… Will we like them better? -kris

  2. (And have a great trip! I know that this is a Blithewold blog, but hopefully you can share some good flower pics when you return?)

    Kim, Thanks and since I have a trip planned to another arboretum, I’m sure I can wrangle in some photos… After all, even the original Blithewold gardeners were travelers too. -kris

  3. I cracked up when I saw your viburnum picture with the little circle around the dot of color-not laughing at you, just laughing because I can relate-things only a gardener would see (and be excited about)! Hope the sun comes out for you soon!

    Dreamybee – It’s those little things… And thanks for your sun wishes – we got it! -kris

  4. hey we takes what we get this spring! it looks like spring is going on in my post today! But if I showed you the long shot you would be all…”That is a big brown mess!” Have fun and bring some photos! gail

    Gail, It sure does look like spring in your garden – I can’t get over your hellebores… Send spring up here next, please! -kris

  5. All is fair in the New England garden. Have a great trip.

    Thanks, Layanee – enjoy all of this gorgeous weather for me! -kris

  6. A bittersweet sort of day here today in the Hudson Valley, NY. Such delicate and joyful little buds of pretty pale shades have just started to burst into our space and the site is so lovely, but with the recent storms here, so many of these sweet limbs are laying on the ground with barely a taste of life. A sad beauty.

    Gretchen, We were so lucky at Blithewold – there are limbs and whole trees down all over but thank goodness, not here. It is a sad sight for such a promising time. -kris

  7. Hellebore looks like she went out to play in her party clothes. It’s coming! And hey, are you getting sunshine today, too? Have fun with the fam in Zone 8!

    Lynn, You’re right about the hellebore – can’t take her anywhere! and hooray for sunshine!! I swear, if I fly into clouds, I’m turning right around. -kris

  8. Very pretty! More than that, I’m commenting to say I’ll be repeating “bodnantense” in my head over and over the rest of the day. I don’t know what it is about that word!

    Andrew, Now you’ve got me saying it… Except I’m not quite sure about pronunciation. I can tell you though that it’s named for the Bodnant Gardens in Wales and I’ll bet that’s even more fun to visit than say out loud. -kris

  9. Kris, I think that the key to the bergenia is neglect, and maybe good drainage. Beth Chatto uses it extensively in her gravel gardens, and that’s why I decided to give it a try in my sandy yard. I don’t believe that I ever really give it an extra drink of water, even in a drought… and in fact, I promptly forgot about the ‘Solar Flare’ variegated one that I bought last year once I planted it, so I KNOW that one hasn’t had any pampering. (Not even the kind you SHOULD give new plants!) But I found it while cleaning up the nearby catmint yesterday.

    Does that help? I hope so–it’s a great plant, texturally speaking!

  10. Oh, I do love the v. bodnantense, even if it does bloom sparsely; I had to leave mine in Massachusetts when we moved, but I’m ordering another this spring. I saw one in London in February, and there were only a few blooms open there, either, but when nothing else is blooming it’s a tonic to smell it. I’m also going to get corylopsis, which I haven’t tried before, and sarcococca–both were too tender for zone 5, but I’ll see how they do in 6. It’s definitely time to get outside!

    Liz – you’re so right! I can’t believe I’m leaving when it’s this nice out. I’m also sorry that it was too wet for me to go in for a sniff of the viburnum – I’ll have to remember to check it out again when I’m back. I’m with you on wanting corylopsis – we have ‘Longwood Chimes’ and I always forget about sarcococca… Happy spring! -kris

  11. Kim, Thanks for the bergenia tips! It is such a great texture when it’s as happy as yours… I think we have kept it too wet in some places and probably in too rich soil in others. And even though my soil at home is terrible and I’m the most neglectful gardener, it’s in the wrong-est place… I’ll have to see if it’s alive enough to move it. -kris

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