anxiety (and serenity)

For anyone who might be inclined to think that gardeners don’t ever suffer stress and anxiety, allow me to burst the bubble!

It’s Spring. The season of renewal and awakening and limitless potential. There’s so much potential out there I want to tuck up under the potting bench where it maybe can’t find me! But the sun’s climb always teases me out of hiding and gets me running around like that awful chicken. Where to start is one of Spring’s biggest questions along with WHEN to start. That very question got me this year.

I was prodded by this year’s false start to spray the shading on the greenhouse. (Shading is a spray whitewash that sticks to the exterior glass panes and is worn off by – you guessed it – frost.) It seemed like such a good idea at the time – I felt SO on the ball!

The Greenhouse April 2007
Bitter cold nights, a little sleet, a little snow and out come’s the sun, streaming through, casting shadows and everything. (sigh) All’s not really lost though – I’ll just have to spend another warm, windless morning up a ladder with a few gallons strapped to my back. Maybe I’ll give ol’ Mother Nature a week or two this time to decide what season it is…

My other nearly debilitating anxiety this time of year comes with the seeding. We sow thousands of seeds and you’d think by now, I’d be fairly confident but I can’t help worrying – what if they’re planted too deep?! What if I didn’t cover them enough?! Oh the anxiety. Is that my hair falling out?

Lupine seedlings

But, then – look! It’s a miracle! Those little seeds just WANT to germinate. (now what do we do with all these seedlings?!)

I have to admit, as job stress goes, this is cake and the anxiety is always followed by a blissed out serenity. No matter what, gardening (being surrounded by green growing things) is really good for your blood pressure. Just look at these beauties!…

Clivias and Calamondin Orange

One thought on “anxiety (and serenity)

  1. Greetings!

    This is the first blog I have visited and it’s a pleasant surprise! Love the pictures, comments (I agree that anxiety is part of gardening, but the results are worth it!) and notes on what the other Blithewold Garden Volunteers are up to. I’m especially grateful for reminders like ‘it’s time to start feeding your house plants to get them ready for outside.’

    I will be back again to keep up-to-date with all that is going on.

    Keep up the good work!

    GTB the Deadhead

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