An unusual middle of May

Clematis 'Nelly  Moser' 5-14-10It’s always a little frustrating for me when Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens) falls on the weekend. So much more will be open tomorrow! But for the very nearly middle of May, there’s plenty to see and much more on the way. It’s actually amazing, considering how many things are blooming on the property – and blooming early – that we’re experiencing The May Gap.  We typically cross the gap at the end of the month.

Tamarix ramosissima  5-14-10Peony and allium in  the Display GardenViburnum sieboldii  5-14-10

Centaurea montana and euphorbia 5-14-10The North Garden and Rose Garden are on the quiet side today. That said, in the North Garden the Trollius ‘Lemon Queen’ and perennial bachelor buttons (Centaurea montana) are blooming more exuberantly than I’ve ever seen them. And there are still a couple of clumps of tulips in the picture. Tulip 'Jackpot', Phlox divaricata and Trollius 'Lemon Queen'   5-14-10I have to say that Tulip ‘Jackpot’ gets my vote for all-around-best tulip this year. It was among the first to arrive and is the very last to leave. – Not winning behavior for an overbearing party guest but we certainly appreciate it in a flower.

The Rose Garden gap will close in the next couple of days as roses (a couple of them are starting!) and Oriental poppies, allium and peonies open. I waited as long as I could for this poppy to open… I might have to stop through the garden again on my way home…

Papaver orientale 'Harvest Moon' starting to opena minute lateranother minute or twostill watching (and blowing on it and jumping up and down just a little)After lunch. I thought it would pop if I just left it alone...

And in the Rock Garden, the tree peony which looked like this (below, right) this morning, is probably wide open now that the sun has come out. Maybe I’ll take a walk down there too…tree peony in the Rock Garden 5-14-10 The last couple of years, the tree peonies opened 10-12 days later.

In the Water Garden, the best blooms are in the water – there are gajillions of tadpoles! (They are such tricky little buggers to try to photograph. Click on the photo for a larger view.)tadpoles 5-14-10

Are you surprised by any of your mid-May blooms? Did you jump up and down or otherwise intervene to get any to open just a little sooner? (Not that I did that. Well, maybe just a little.)

5 thoughts on “An unusual middle of May

  1. Ahhh…flowers born of wet. There are everywhere, even here. Except here they last two days. I like the poppy timelapse. I’ve often considered doing one myself on a flower. You know, the whole take a picture of everyday. It would be interesting.

    Susan, I was surprised at how quickly the poppy popped! I wish I could watch everything open… But I wouldn’t get much done. -kris

  2. BTW, Snafu day is on the solstice. You can do it aroundish if you like.

    Susan, thanks – I might not be able to wait that long! -kris

  3. Those poppy pics are AMAZING!

    So what’s your opinion of Tamarix? Like it? I was eyeing one at a nursery the other day. Do they grow as fast as I’ve read they do? That could be useful in my garden. (I’ve heard it’s less useful out west, where they’re an invasive species.)

    No intervention here, except spraying of something organic to stop the winter moth, which I’m so glad we did this year.

    Andrew, I love the gauzy view of the bay through our bank of tamarix (I’m beginning to suspect we have 2 different species – the one blooming now may not be T. ramosissima after all) but I really don’t know much about them… It certainly would be an interesting contrast to just about anything else you might have in your garden! -kris

  4. I missed bloom day and with so much blooming here. Your time lapse is wonderful. I need to stop by soon! So much going on in the garden.

    Layanee, I’m sorry to miss your bloom day pics but from now on – everyday is bloom day! And please come by soon! -kris

  5. ooh! what purple-red-stemmed alium is that growing at blithewold?! they are LOVELY! as are the poppies, peonies, and all those other may sprung buds that i covet, now that i can’t grow them in my zone…! here’s to may, a beautiful month no matter where one gardens!

    Andrea, I hadn’t even noticed the dark stems on the alliums! Now I love A. aflatunense ‘Purple Sensation’ even more than before… Thanks! -kris

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