The color of June

With so much coming into bloom now I might be crazy to try to identify June’s quintessential color. (I might be crazy full stop.) There are some great colors to choose from: take anything in the Rose Garden for instance. ( – I had to include another gratuitous Rose Garden shot because it’s so thrilling. And I think you can just about smell it from the picture if you concentrate.)

I also think that while blue is one of the colors that defines late spring/May, the dusky blues of June – like the Berggarten sage (Salvia officinalis ‘Berggarten’) in the herb garden – are completely different and entirely June-ish, evocative of June’s extra-long twilight. Of course my favorite sweet pea ‘Nimbus’ takes dusk to a-whole-nother level of stormy, also perfectly appropriate given the wild and wooly weather lately. But then that brings me around to the wooly ivories of things like Filipendula, Clematis recta, giant fleece flower (Persicaria polymorpha) and the Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) that has been catching everyone’s eyes this week. You just don’t see that color in July, not even in the clouds. Or else I don’t notice it the way I do in June.

And there’s a certain hot pink that seems to belong only to June although I’d have to say it’s a great color for introducing us to the notion of July. It’s about to burst on every Spirea japonica in that shocking combination of pink and yell-green (I had meant to type “yellow-green” but yell-green’s more like it) and it’s already capping the catchfly (Silene armeria).

When it comes right down to it I can’t decide – and don’t they all look like June in Terry’s arrangement? So in honor of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, I’d rather put it to you for a vote anyway.

What color do you think defines June?

6 thoughts on “The color of June

  1. This is tough one to answer because there is no definitive one color….but maybe GREEN?

    I stopped by Blithewold this week and almost fell over in rapture over that showy lady, the Clary Sage! Green and white it is and if that sounds “so what?” then If anyone is nearby, please take a gander at it. Kris’ photo gives you a hint but you have to see it to believe it.

    Of course the rose garden is sublime as well. But I was so gripped by the sage that I had to write. Love your blog, dear Kris.

    Thanks, Ginny! It’s always such a treat to catch you on a whirlwind visit. And it’s funny, I had more questions about that Clary sage THAT DAY than anything else any other day! And I think you’re right – June is almost aggressively, exuberantly green. -kris

  2. What beautiful gardens! I was pleased to see Persicaria polymorpha in your post… I’d never seen it pictured in a blog before. It’s a plant that I almost passed on for concern that it might be a thug… I didn’t and mine has been very well behaved for the past few years… in fact, I’m glad to have found a single offset this year as I’d like it in more spots in the gardens! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos… Larry

    Thanks Larry! The Persicaria is much better behaved than it looks like it should be but I have to say it’s a bear to dig up. I’m a little worried that our clump has suddenly reached maximum capacity. Division won’t be easy! -kris

  3. Your garden is beautiful…I had to laugh at ‘yell-green’, you’re right, that’s perfect!

    Thanks, Scott and I’m going to wing the compliment right back at you. -kris

  4. Color? for me its mellow yellow….

    Greggo, Yellow was mellow here sometime last month I think! Now it’s starting to get feisty. -kris

  5. orange is the color of june for my garden environs… cannas, lilies, butterfly weed, tomatoes & squash. looking at your rose gardens and the gorgeous(!!!) combo in the herb garden (Fillipendula, Persicaria and Berggarten) is very refreshing. happy (belated) bloom day!

    Andrea, You’re way ahead of us in terms orange (especially tomatoes & squash)! But the butterfly weed is just getting going… I have a feeling that July will be all orange all the time. -kris

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