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This week, one of the Rockettes (Wednesday volunteers) said to me, “Kris, I finally read your blog … –You’re so chatty!”

I blushed and couldn’t think of a coherent reply…

To prove to any readers who might assume from my “chattiness” that “quiet” is difficult for me, here’s a post of pictures (mostly. pretty much.). Remember, inside every wallflower beats the heart of a social butterfly!Monarch in the North Garden

My morning walk took me through the cutting garden first: (hover your pointer finger over the pictures for names and click for a larger image)Lisianthus a.k.a. EustomaOrnamental MilletZinnia ‘Persian Carpet’Standing Cypress (Ipomopsis rubra)

A week or so ago I promised a picture of Phlox ‘Natural Feelings’ in bloom:Phlox ‘Natural Feelings’

A hummingbird visited me in the Idea Beds and then lit in the bamboo where I shot its portrait. Can’t find it in the picture though…Hummingbird in the bamboo???

Ketzel Levine in her blog Talking Plants says not to plant this. (It does have poisonous seeds…)Castor bean

In the water garden, every step I took at the pond edge was accompanied by a sound like a dog’s chew toy as the frogs sqeaked and dove for bridge to the island 7-27-07

Yesterday someone asked me, “what’s your favorite perennial?” and although I have a different favorite just about every day, I answered without even thinking about it, “Lavender!”Lavenders in the Rose Garden (Lavandula x intermedia ‘Super’ and ‘White Spikes’)It’s my all-time favorite perennial no matter what other daily favorites grab my attention. It’s got everything: a scent I love so deadheading is a pleasure (even if it does take an age — unless you shear, which I don’t…); it thrives on benign neglect – poor -well draining- soil, no fertilizer and little water, and it’s a honey bee magnet. In a nutshell, it’s my kinda plant! Anyone else out there care to share what’s your tried and true all-time-favorite number-one perennial? (Enquiring minds want to know!)

9 thoughts on “Pictures mostly

  1. Can “all of them” be my tried and true all time favorite perennial? I can’t decide!

  2. Lovely set of photos. Your cutting garden looks luscious! I use the Castor Bean in the garden sometimes, it is such a bold statement of color and structure. Thankfully no one has gotten poisoned.

  3. Carol, You betcha! (but if one stands out today, keep us posted!)
    and Chris, Thank you! I am really enjoying the Castor Bean too and we just make sure to tell everyone who asks about it that its seeds are deadly…

  4. Awesome, Kris! I too love lavender–it’s a bit of a challenge here with our clay soils and cold wet winters, but I nurture it along. Once the raised bed I built a few years back is goutweed free (Aegopodium, for those of you who call this pestiferous thing something else), I’ll fill the bed with lavender again.
    There will always be people sayng not to plant this or that. Castor bean IS poisonous, but so are many other garden plants. a little care is mostly all that’s needed, isn’t it?

  5. I enjoyed your tour … must say my favourite plant is Dianthus superbus. It has a haunting fragrance … if only it bloomed for longer stretches.

  6. Layanee – I love that Zinnia too – it’s an audacious blend of mustard and catsup – that works!

    Jodi – Thank you and good luck with the goutweed in that bed – sounds like the perfect way to do lavender where you are. And I agree with you – it’s buyer-beware with plenty of beauties out there (not just plants either!)

    Kate – mmmm Dianthus! Good one! That sweet cinnamon scent has me on my knees every spring — I wish they bloomed longer too and also think it would be better for my posture to plant them at nose-height somehow…

  7. Lavender ismy fave, too. I still dream of having a a place so full of lavender that we mistake it for the south of France. Mais oui! I don’t know if it’s ok to include an invasive gone wild close second favorite–rosa rugosa, especially when its scent mingles with salt spray and fog. Sweet. Thanks for asking!

  8. Patricia – Rosa rugosa vies for number one for me too at least scent-wise! It’s not on the invasives list – yet! It’s on the needs-research-and-monitoring list though…

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