More garden magic – for grown-up children

Yesterday’s fog cloud lifted just in time. (I suspect helpful fairies.) Long shadows, golden brights and dulcet tunes on guitar and mandolin were the stage set, backdrop and surround sound for a gorgeous evening Soiree in the Display Garden – the final one for this season (stay tuned for next year’s Soiree listings).Mark and Beverly Davis Guitar Duo playing at the Display Garden Soiree Italian wines and cheeses were a perfect complement for a positively Tuscan light (it’s what I imagine anyhow…) and an exhuberantly abundant fall garden.Display Garden Soiree 9-19-07

Gail and Julie and I answered questions about the gardens but the buzz on everyone’s lips was the Fairy Houses. It was the best thing to see otherwise elegant and sophisticated grown-ups go in search of a little playful magic! (Fairies are everywhere!)Gail points to the Fairy Houses

A new Idea Bed combo - a potted Cordyline, Daphne, Caryopteris and African Blue BasilIn Soiree preparation we moved new combinations into the Idea Beds (placing a beautiful potted plant in a daylily hole can make the whole garden seem new again), tidied Gus-Gus’ pond, raked paths and deadheaded with the Deadheads and fine tuned with the Rockettes. Good luck follows Katherine, one of the Deadheads, who was paid the highest compliment from one of the garden’s sprites! (Magic is all around us!)Katherine takes a Praying Mantis for a ride

The feeling of last night lingered in the garden this morning and it looks for all the (enchanted) world like the conversations continue. Sarracenia leucophylla ‘Tarnok’

5 thoughts on “More garden magic – for grown-up children

  1. Is the praying mantis said to be a garden sprite? I recently photographed one in my garden too. They are interesting looking creatures, aren’t they? And I love the bottom photo of the pitcher plant.

  2. i wish i could have been there! it’s looks idyllic. i’d love to see a picture of your whole pitcher plant, i bet it’s huge. mine’s just a little guy on the windowsill.

  3. What a fun post (glad the fairies worked there too–the fog is finally lifting here in Scotts Bay also).
    I’m also so glad to see Verbena bonariensis all over the Blithewold gardens; I have none this year and I miss it a lot. It didn’t self-seed from last year–or if it did, the overzealous spring gardener eliminated it thinking it was a weed. :-( I do that a lot.

  4. Pam, I’m sure I made that up but I know it’s very good luck to have praying mantis in the garden!

    Bright, Stay tuned for a long shot of the pitcher plants – you could try yours outside in a super sunny spot. I found out from Jodi at Bloomingwriter that Sarracenia purpurea is the provincial flower of New Foundland – pretty cool for such a tropical looking (to me) plant!

    Layanee, I hope you find your praying mantis and see you tomorrow I hope!

    Jodi, We have so much Verbena bonariensis! And ours gets zealously weeded too – I wonder what the place would look like if we didn’t eliminate some of it – very purple I guess!

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