What zone are you?

Farfugium, cordyline, etc and icy windowsThere is no way I’m going back outside today. Nope. I’m staying in no matter how many colors there are. They can name themselves today. It’s cold! Maybe our little thaw has made me soft. Or maybe I’m a zone 8. It’s only 14° out there and the wind is gusting to 35mph making it feel more like something truly negative. It’s too cold for the nose to work and any scent has been blown away anyway. I’m staying in.

But keeping a positive attitude, thank goodness we’ve got work to do in our greenhouse and potting shed. Never mind that it’s only in the 50’s in here – that’s downright toasty. I won't go through that icy door... You can't make me.And the sun is getting high enough out of the south that some of the ice might even melt as the houses warm into the 60’s. On this frigid Friday (I’m joining Mr. McGregor’s Daughter‘s meme today) we’ll do some overdue potting up and a bit more catalog shopping – plants this time, now that our seed orders have been sent out. And I expect we’ll wrap our chilly fingers around consecutive cups of tea.

Are you planted inside today too or are you made of hardier stuff ? What zone are you?

–Speaking of hardy, in the greenhouse we’re babysitting a little Edgeworthia chrysantha and it’s beginning to open up. I just learned that it’s a Daphne relative (oh dear) and hardy to zone 7. (Blithewold is officially USDA zone 7 but I don’t believe it. We call it a 6.) Do any of you in a nearby zone have experience with this lovely little winter bloomer? I’d like about 10 more of our very own if there’s truly a chance they’ll survive and thrive…

Julie's Edgeworthia chrysantha just opening

3 thoughts on “What zone are you?

  1. Who saw the Wolf Moon yesterday?? 14% bigger and 30% brighter than any other full moon will be this year! The winter nights, being clear and cold, provide wonderful opportunities for skywatching, although I will admit, last nights moongazing for me , took place from inside, peeking through an east facing window!! In the garden, my witch hazels seem to be putting out some tassels here and there, strengthening my resolve to make it through to March. But, hey, we can get through 28 days, can’t we? February is the time for me to buy a sprouting hyacinth from the supermarket, to boost my enthusiasm. By the way, February’s full moon has been named by the Native people the Full Snow Moon, because the heaviest snow usually falls in this month! But we gardeners and keen observers of all things in nature know the necessary balance of the seasons, and welcome a good snow-pack! This is a fine time for planning to go through closets, hoping to tidy up the basement,……., because soon there will be no time for such distractions!

    Jean, it sounds like you’re doing all the right things to not only make it through the winter but enjoy it too. – I took a look at our witch hazels and they’re opening up too! It won’t be long now… only 6 more weeks (did the Phil see his shadow?) -kris

  2. I can understand your reluctance to tackle any outside job with that wind and cold. As you know, the biggest little state in the union has more than one zone so that Edgeworthia is a no go here but I will come to visit yours sometime. I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

    Layanee, Come see the Edgeworthia soon – it’s opening right up! -kris

  3. My body is solidly Zone 7, but my heart is Zone 5, I guess. Thanks for the link love! Your mention of seed orders is making me nervous, I’ve got to get mine done.

    Ah yes, the hea(r)t zone – guess I’m a 6ish… Have fun with the orders, MMD (and get to it before they sell all out!) -kris

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