It seems impossible to speak or think about anything else right now. The news is too full of horrific loss and our hearts are too broken. I won’t claim to have a clue about how to fix anything – as if there is a fix – but I know I’m not alone in believing in the healing power of nature. In cathartic walks in the rain. In the deep inhale of a favorite fragrance. In a handful of potting soil. In the obvious preciousness of all life.

Are you finding solace? Where?

2 thoughts on “Solace

  1. Thanks for the post acknowledging the struggling. Still searching for those moments, and finding them in the Christmas celebrations here and there.

    Susan, I hope you stay surrounded in Christmas cheer. Be well. -kris

  2. The only thing that works for me is DOING something. I work at our local food pantry and have been putting in extra time. It’s work worth doing and it keeps my mind off things I can’t figure out and certainly can’t control.

    Pat, By occupying your hands and mind that way, so many more benefit than just yourself. I salute you. -kris

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